Wallbox Pulsar Plus Level 2 EV Charging station 11.52 kW (240 Volt, 25ft/7m Cable, 48 Amp) Hardwired, WiFi, Bluetooth, Alexa and Google Home

Voice control-enabled. Designed for intelligent, professional installation to a 70A breaker and provides excellent performance.

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Jun 22, 2024 7:15 AM
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  • Flexible Power. Two models, multiple possibilities. You can adjust the capacity of your circuit from 16A to 48A. This gives you the freedom to connect to lower-power circuits if you don’t need maximum power and amp up when you are ready for more power
  • Voice-control Enabled. Connect Pulsar Plus with your smart home system using Alexa or Google Home. Voice commands can be used to control or monitor your charger
  • Compact design, powerful performance. Pulsar Plus EVSE is a 240-volt Level-2 charging technology that can be compacted to up to 48 Amps. This allows you to charge your EV 8x faster than standard Level 1-charging cables.
  • Power sharing. To safely charge multiple EVs simultaneously, connect more than one Pulsar plus to one electrical circuit. Smart power management with built-in smart charging automatically balances charging to ensure efficient energy distribution. This is done without the need for additional components.
  • Smart and connected. MyWallbox connects Pulsar Plus with your smart devices to wirelessly control your charger via Bluetooth or Wifi. MyWallbox allows you to set reminders, receive notifications, and create schedules that take full advantage of off-peak utility rates.

Smart and powerful EV chargers for your home

Pulsar Plus gives you control over your energy consumption. To maximize efficiency and save money, schedule and manage your charging sessions. Pulsar Plus is now available! Start charging smarter!

Wallbox Pulsar Plus is small and lightweight, but it offers powerful electric vehicle charging at home. Pulsar Plus is easy to install and can charge all electric cars today 8x faster than standard 110v charging cables. The integrated myWallbox app makes home charging simple and efficient. This allows you to control your charger via WiFi or Bluetooth.


Pulsar Plus 48A can be used with managed energy networks that use OCPP.

Sharing of power

To safely charge multiple EVs simultaneously, connect two or more Pulsar Plus chargers on the same circuit.

Onboard intelligence

Pulsar Plus allows you to plug in, charge and manage your schedules even if you aren’t connected to the internet.

Eco-Smart: Integrated PV power management and EV charging

Connect your electric vehicle charging system to your rooftop solar energy system. You can choose to charge your EV with 100% green power to ensure maximum sustainability, or with solar and grid power to achieve maximum speed.

Dynamic Power Management: Power Boost

Power Boost allows you to dynamically adjust the power delivery to your connected EV, in accordance with your household energy consumption. Power Boost allows homeowners the ability to use their Wallbox Pulsar Plus at full power (either 40A, 48A), and is not limited by panel bandwidth.

Rebate eligible

Pulsar Plus is eligible for rebates and tax credits, whether they are available in the federal, state or local levels.

Energy Management Solutions

Pulsar Plus is equipped with Energy Management Solutions by Wallbox. You can control your home’s energy consumption by adding a power meter from Wallbox. This will allow you to integrate your rooftop solar PV with your EV charging.

Compact design, powerful performance

Incredibly small, 240V, Level 2, charging technology Variable capacity between 16A and 48A

Reliable and safe

UL-listed for electrical safety (UL–US-2020987-1), NEMA Type 4 rated to water-tightness, dust resistance.

Additional information

SKU wallbhrdw
22.8 lbs
3.9 × 7.8 × 7.9 in
Wallbox Chargers SL
Cable length, ft
NEMA Type 4
Working temperature
3 years
Manufacturer info

Wallbox is a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging devices. Portable EV charger is the most popular related product on our site, among buyers of the brand. You can buy Wallbox EV chargers in Target. Along with goods from this company you can also purchase EV generators. Most of Wallbox's products are published on our Guidelines page, one competitor for this company is Blink and Chevy Bolt users are customers as well.

Wallbox, a smart provider of electric vehicle charging and energy management services, designs and manufactures electric vehicle charging technology.

Wallbox announced on June 9, 2021 that it had merged with Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. II, a special-purpose acquisition firm. The company will raise approximately $330 million from a variety of investors including Luxor Capital, Cathay Innovation, Janus Henderson Investors and Kensington Capital Partners. The deal was closed on October 4, 2021. Wallbox shares are listed under the symbol WBX on the New York Stock Exchange.

Wallbox was established in Barcelona, Spain in 2015 by Enric Asuncion & Eduard Castaneda. At first, they used the name Wall Box Chargers. Wallbox was the first European startup competition to be held at South Summit in 2017. Wallbox was third at the Startup World Cup, May 2018. Wallbox's October 2019 creation Quasar was the first residential-oriented bidirectional charger. Quasar was awarded the Best of CES Award in January 2020.

Wallbox ran an advertisement during Super Bowl LVI for the first ever EV charging company.

Product info
Level 2 EV charger
Technical info
* General Specifications Cable length 25ft Color Matte Black Voice control Alexa and Google Assistant Charging protocol SAE J1772 Dimensions 7.8" x 7.9" x 3.9" (without cable) Weight 4.4lbs (without cable) Operating temperature -22?F to 104?F Storage temperature -40?F to 158?F Electrical safety UL 2594, UL 2231 EMC compliance FCC Part 15 Class B * Electrical Specifications Charging Power 11.5kW Rated Current 48A Connection Type Hardwired Rated voltage AC ± 10% 240/208 V (Level 2), 60Hz Connector type SEA J1772 Type 1 Configurable current from 6A to rated current Environmental Rating Indoor and Outdoor Installations NEMA Type 4 per UL 50E * User Interface and Communications Connectivity Wi-Fi / Bluetooth User Identification Wallbox App / myWallbox Portal User Interface Wallbox App / myWallbox Portal Charger Status Information Halo RGB LED / Wall box App / my Wall box Portal Included Features Smart Power Sharing

Additional information

20 reviews for the Wallbox Pulsar Plus Level 2 EV Charging station 11.52 k...

  1. Gregory M 2 years ago

    This charger is small and sleek. It is easy to use for monitoring my charge planning and electricity usage. It also alerts me when my car is charging.
    The installation was flawless by the electrician. This device charged my Audi E-Tron with no problems.
    It was easy to add a charging port to WiFi. After that, i was able to select a WiFi network. WallBox was the most difficult part.

  2. Andre G 2 years ago

    The wallbox is well designed and easy to mount. The indicators are easily visible. It also looks more modern than a lot of other products out there. The app is easy to use and offers many features. You can do all the settings without being connected to the Internet. It can also be connected locally via Bluetooth.

  3. Tim M 2 years ago

    This EVSE was purchased for my Chevy Bolt. The problem i experienced with my home network connection was not my fault. Problem was caused by special characters in my password. The problem was solved by connecting an additional network to another Wallbox password.
    Charger is amazing and extremely reliable. There have been no issues until now. Pulsar Plus Evse is highly recommended.

  4. Russell 2 years ago

    It charged my Volkswagen ID.4 in a big stroke, taking approximately 4 hours. That is what i recommend. It will be a great decision.
    It is much more powerful than other chargers.

  5. Bobby 2 years ago

    Installation was simple and configuration via Bluetooth was straightforward. The application was easy to use for setting up the charging schedule. It does a great job. It is not the most beautiful of the existing applications, and the power status indicators may be a little closer, but it is a minor issue.

  6. Ted 2 years ago

    My electrician had to connect the package to the network because the package didn’t fit into the socket and the cord. This was not mentioned in the purchase. It was a surprise.

  7. Darrell 2 years ago

    This charger was purchased for our Ford Mustang Mach-E. It works flawlessly.

  8. Casey year ago

    This charger was set up by my electrician. It took approximately 2 hours. It took 40 amps to install. It charges my car at 7.6 kW. This is quite fast. It was easy to set up the application. It charges my Nissan Leaf. It works great.

  9. Garrett year ago

    The installation was relatively easy. Given the fact that i had to lay wires, it took me about an hour. It is designed to carry 48 amps of continuous current, so i used a 60-ampere toggle switch.

  10. Edwin year ago

    It is a compact, reliable product. He charges much faster than my old charging. It was necessary to complete the application. Connecting Wi-Fi and trying to update the software required access to support. But they quickly came up with a solution and all was settled. Although the mount is complicated, anyone can do it. It is highly recommended.

  11. Tyson year ago

    It worked without any connection to my phone or WiFi at first, so I didn’t set it up as an intelligence charger. It was set up on my phone after a few days. It was easy to add a wireless charger to my phone. The Bluetooth setup allowed me to select a WiFi network. WallBox was the most difficult part.

  12. Don year ago

    Excellently made. It was difficult to straighten a long cable, but it will work fine in the summer. Excellent quality components. The application was easy to set up. Overall, I’m very happy with the product and purchased another one for my second house.

  13. Andrew year ago

    The installation was relatively easy. Given that I had to lay wires, it took me about 30 minutes. It is intended to carry 48 amps of continuous current, so I used a 50-ampere toggle switch.

  14. Jay year ago

    This charger was set up by my electrician. It took approximately 2 hours. Charges my car for 7.6 kW. This is quite fast. It was easy to set up the application. It works great for charging my Ford Mustang Mach E.

  15. Jack J year ago

    It works great. It is relatively easy to install. There are no mechanical fasteners to support the cable. It must be planned for when it is mounted outside of the box. It is not possible to sync multiple devices via Bluetooth. You can pair multiple phones to your car and then select the one that you require.

  16. Rick year ago

    Excellent job. It was hard to install it when it was -9 outside. This made it difficult to straighten the cable. But it would have been easy in the summer. The quality of all components seems to be excellent. It was easy to set up the application. Overall, I’m very happy.

  17. Jamie year ago

    I had to have the charger installed by an electrician. We were done in about two hours. It was installed on 40 amps. It charges my ID4 at a rate of 7kW. It’s quite fast. With the help of the app, setting up was easy. It works great.

  18. Jeremy year ago

    The charger has been reliable since the very first day. It charged my Hyundai Kona in 3 hours.

  19. Micky year ago

    This charger was purchased for our Nissan Leaf. It works flawlessly.

  20. Edward year ago

    My electrician had to reattach the cord to the outlet because no attachment was included in the kit. I don’t remember being told that when I bought the kit. It was not a pleasant surprise.

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