JuiceBox 40 Hardwired Smart EV Home Charging Station 9.6kW (40 Amp, 240 Volt, 25ft/7.6m Cord), WiFi, Indoor/Outdoor charger, Energy Star & UL Certified Charger

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by EV Adept
May 23, 2022 9:56 AM


  • Level 2 charging with a 240-volt connection allows you to spend less time waiting for your electric car battery to charge and more time touring.
  • All-in-one design makes it convenient to store and charge. Mounting bracket with quick release technology, plus built-in cable management, makes set up and regular charging simple.
  • Control and monitor your electric charging via smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.
  • You can check the status of your EV battery using an app, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can call up the system from a smart speaker, and even view real-time data.
  • The wall-mounted JuiceBox provides a fashionable and convenient design, with dynamic LEDs illuminating the status of charging.
  • When you buy on evadept.com, you get a limited warranty on certain equipment parts, as well as a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer’s website.
  • This item is ready to be hardwired by a professional electrician, and EV Adept can assist you in selecting the appropriate contributor in your area. A JuiceBox plug-in unit may be more suited for your needs if you already have a 240-volt outlet.

Additional information

SKU jbhrd40
Weight 21.2 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 10.55 in
Brand JuiceBox
Manufacturer Enel X
Level 2
Voltage 240
Phase n/a
Amperage 40
Plug J1772
Cable length, ft 25
Waterproof Yes
Working temperature n/a
Outdoor Yes
Wall/Stand Wall
Travel/Portable No
Hardwired Yes
Weight 21.2
Certificate UL & Energy Star
Warranty 3 years
Wi-Fi Yes
Enclosure Material n/a
Manufacturer info

Enel X is a company that specializes in the installation and maintenance of JuiceBox charging stations for EV. They offer professional, courteous customer service to their customers and are happy to answer any questions about their products. When you compare these products with others, you'll understand why customers have left positive reviews.

Customers at EV Adept have good things to say about the JuiceBox products, which are regarded among Mustang EV charging stations and the finest hardwired chargers.

Additional information

5 reviews for the JuiceBox 40 Hardwired Smart EV Home Charging Station (4...

  1. Andre

    Chevy Bolt owners will be more satisfied with the Charging Time JuiceBox 40 reduction. Even though you charge at a higher power level, the charging time is shorter and results in a lower monthly electricity bill.
    It also features built-in protection from voltage drops. This device is reliable and well-made.
    Poorly designed mobile applications and inadequate documentation.

  2. Jeremiah

    My JUICEBOX 40 was purchased for Ford Mustang Mach E.
    It was simple to set it up using a mobile app after installation.
    It is easy to plan charges in a non-spike clock and it works well.
    I wasn’t there for long so i can’t speak to reliability. However, a 3-year warranty gives me the confidence to buy again. I hope that i don’t have to use it.

  3. Ross

    Juice Box 40 recommended me. It works well and charges my car faster. I love the application for my mobile phone. It gives me lots of information.

    The charging station’s power connector is not well-attached. The connector is securely attached to the car but falls when it is hung.

    No user manual. It is not something i use a lot, but it might be useful.

  4. Peter B

    It was installed on the wall in the courtyard at the front of my house. It works great. The long cable that connects to the car is a great feature. Porsche Taycan is our charger. I was worried about his weight with the adapter. But, so far, everything seems to be in place. JuiceBox is easy to connect to our Wi-Fi. The application gives you an extra way to check charging status.

  5. Liv J

    A great product, but we couldn’t fully utilize its potential due to the restrictions of the local energy company. It was possible to charge a car during non-spike times, but peak loads ate any savings.

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