Tesla users know that fast charging is not as ubiquitous as we would like it to be. The included J1772 adopter is only good when there is no rush. Sometimes when planning a trip, drivers have to rearrange the route to optimally reduce the waiting time while charging the electric vehicle.

How many charging stations does Tesla have?

Tesla has 22% of all U.S. fast stations. According to the U.S. Department of Energy by the number of fast-charging stations, Charge Point leads with 30% of the market, other providers except Tesla have 48%. Accordingly, 78% of the U.S. coverage is accounted for by the CCS DC Fast Charger connector standard.

Advantages of the CCS adapter for Tesla

You’ll have four times as many public fast-charging stations available to you.

CCS to Tesla adapter

Which CCS to Tesla adapter should I choose?

The adapter from the Chinese company Setec Power was tested by us at the end of 2020 and passed the test among our customers. The other 4 manufacturers tested did not work consistently. Setec Power had the disadvantage of timing delivery from China to the United States. However, Lectron has now started selling this particular adapter in the US under its own brand name. 

Lectron is known for a number of quality products for electric vehicles, including home charging stations, J1772 extension cords and other adapters.

How much does it cost to charge Tesla at other manufacturers’ stations?

  Electrify America • 50KW OUTPUT (DC) ChargePoint (per kW) • 62.5KW OUTPUT (DC) Blink (Guests; per kW) • 50KW OUTPUT (DC)
Tesla Model Y $4.55 $2.7 $12.6
Tesla Model S $7.28 $4.32 $20.16
Tesla Model 3 $4.55 $2.7 $12.6

Calculate on a calculator, take CCS to Tesla Adapter with you and charge your Tesla!

Where to buy it?

On Lectron, Amazon (fast) or Alibaba (long).

Will the CCS to Tesla adapter be compatible with my Tesla?

Yes, this adapter has been tested on Charge Point, EVgo, Electrify America, and EVconnect stations. The firmware of this smart adapter is updated regularly.

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