Hello, my name is Mike. I am an editor for the electric vehicle site and a moderator of two professional EV forums.

I specialize in the North American electric vehicle market, focusing on electric vehicle charging equipment and the charging process. I’ve created charging calculators showing costs, mileage, and wait times.

I have been covering the plug-in vehicle industry since 2012. 

In my younger days, I always wanted an electric bicycle. It took me two years to put it together by joining a young inventors’ club when I was a kid. 

Much later in 2014, I got myself an electric car. Thank God it was factory assembled =). The difference between this one and other vehicles is night and day—there just isn’t any comparison when it comes to performance and cost efficiency.

When not reading or writing about cars, you can find me working at home on one of my many ongoing projects.

Professional summary

Mike Becker is a seasoned engineer with 10+ years of experience in charging systems. He has designed, implemented and tested charging systems for various electric vehicles over the course of his career. Mike also holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering, giving him solid knowledge of EV charging system regulations and requirements.

He has 3+ years engineering and R&D management experience, which includes managing DFMEA’s (Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis) for EV charging systems design validation testing to ensure rigorous quality control standards are met before commercial release.

Mike Becker is a professional in the world of charging systems and relevant hardware areas. He has extensive experience in HV systems and power electronics, including previous working experience in EVSE tier 1 suppliers. Mike is well-versed in global charging standards such as CCS, GB/T, Chaoji, etc., having attended CharIN conferences on numerous occasions.

He’s got deep knowledge when it comes to creating test benches for unit testing and documentation purposes; he also has hands-on experience with charging systems development and testing.

Work Experience

Mike Becker is a man who loves to solve problems. He has extensive development work on charging systems for battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, with issues of customer requirements specifications for AC-charging system (EVSE/Wallbox), developing use cases, creating transparency in functional specifications according to national and international standards (e.g. SAE, IEC/DIN/EN), and risk quantization and analysis for standard operation and behavior in case of error.

Mike has spent many years in the energy industry, and now he wants to share his knowledge with others.

Local Services and Consulting

I set up a small local business to help with engineering design, permitting, and installation of charging systems. My clients are mostly South Florida business customers, but I also help with private EVSE selection and installation. My website helps answer frequent questions about EV charging equipment popular in the US.

Welcome to EVadept.com

I founded EVadept.com because I wanted to be able to give valuable advice to people looking for charging stations as well as provide them with useful information on how they could make their lives easier using EVs.

In addition to helpful information, I was looking for an EV charging calculator. I was in need of a tool like this, but I just couldn’t find one that met all my needs as a Tesla driver, so that’s when I realized it was up to me to create the best Tesla range calculator out there. 

After some seed funding, I was able to release it for free — allowing Tesla drivers everywhere access to accurate estimates on their car’s remaining battery power before getting stranded without cell phone reception or being stuck on the road during rush hour.

In addition to tools, the site offers great articles on electric cars, such as how you should charge your car or what types of chargers are available on the market today.