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How far can a Tesla Model Y go on a single charge? Understanding the issue

If you have decided to buy an electric car, you will definitely be interested in this question. After all, every owner of an electric car with an electric motor needs to know the real capabilities of his EV, so as not to suddenly get stuck in the middle of the road because of an unexpected exhaustion of the charge. Depending on the charger, the number of miles the battery will charge in 1 hour will vary. To calculate the distance your Tesla will travel on a charge, use the Tesla model Y range calculator.

What affects the range of the Tesla model Y? Optimal driving conditions

The range of an electric car on a single charge will vary depending on the conditions. To determine it, you need to consider air temperature, the owner's individual driving style, and average driving speed. All of these factors will affect the remaining range of the car.

Optimal conditions can be considered those under which the charge will be consumed most rationally and economically. These conditions are:

  • Outside temperature between -4 °F and +104 °F. The battery will not be as efficient at temperatures lower or higher;
  • Speed between 30 and 80 miles per hour.

As for driving style, you should combine different modes. This will help the driver to calculate the range, and in the future to predict their behavior on the route. All this will allow to safely reach the nearest charging station. 

About the quality of modern car batteries

Today, electric cars are equipped with quite decent batteries, allowing to travel more than one hundred miles on a single charge. Batteries have different constructions and different compositions, and different charging technologies are also used. All this makes it possible to achieve great endurance of electric cars. Undoubtedly, the automotive industry is already developing even more advanced batteries that will give cars an even longer range. For the same purpose, work is underway to improve the efficiency of the engines. 

Is it possible to increase the mileage of your Tesla Model Y?

There are a few tricks that will help the driver slightly increase the range of his electric car. First, you need to remove all unnecessary cargo from the car. Second, remove the top trunk if it's not needed. And thirdly, you need to reduce the aerodynamic drag. Then your car will be able to drive more on a single charge. 

The fastest way to charge your Tesla is to use the Supercharger. Learn how to use the Tesla Supercharger to charge today.

What reduces range

  • Driving style affects range. Excessively slow driving in a Tesla Model Y can increase range by up to 1.8 times, but it's unlikely to be comfortable.
  • Extreme heat and freezing temperatures reduce range. The optimum travel temperature has already been written about above.
  • If you turn on air conditioning or other equipment in the cabin of the electric car, the battery will be depleted faster. If possible, do not use this equipment on trips.

You can predict the number of miles by using the Tesla model Y range calculator. The initial settings are already filled in for ease of use. If you want to estimate time or cost, use the other calculators on the website as well.