EV Charge Time Calculator


The calculator calculates the time it takes to charge the battery of an electric car. It saves the driver the time he would have spent on the calculations. Allows you to charge the car to the desired level.

With the help of the service you can find out on the basis of which parameters the charging time is calculated. Therefore, it will be extremely useful to owners of electric cars. Available models on the market - Tesla, Chevrolet Bolt, BMW, Kia Niro, etc.

Now you know how long to wait for the battery to charge.

The Charge Time Calculator for EV saves you when you need to urgently determine the time of charge. At the same time being at work or at home. Based on the results, the car owner can adjust his plans. And also choose the best route for the planned trip (to avoid unexpected discharge). Differences of the calculator from other analogues existing on the Internet:

  • you can specify your own specification of the battery of an electric car or use the standard one;
  • it is offered to set the desired and current percentage of charge with maximum accuracy (without rounding to numbers multiple of 5 or 10);
  • the type of outlets in the home network is displayed;
  • It is possible to calculate the battery charge for more than 40 models of EVs.

The EV Charge Time Calculator will be extremely useful to the future buyer of an electric car manufactured in America, Europe or Asia.

Level 2 chargers deliver 22kW

The EVAC series from EVESCO provides a range of 22kW and 7kW charging stations, enabling the fast recharge of an electric vehicle. All EVAC chargers come in a compact design, and they offer multiple connectivity levels and Open Charge Point Protocol compatibility. These chargers can recharge an EV from zero to fully charged in four to six hours. The EVAC series can be installed both on the ground and on walls.

A Level 2 charging station is a separate station from a Level 1 charger. It plugs into a 240V outlet and delivers higher power to the EV. They are typically found at commercial and residential locations, and can be purchased separately. They are much faster than a standard 110-volt outlet, delivering anywhere from five to fifteen times the amount of power for an EV.

Level 1 chargers deliver 22kW

You can choose between level 1 and level 2 electric car chargers based on how much power you need. If you want to maximize your car's battery life, you should get a Level 1 charger. However, it is worth noting that the faster the charger, the faster your car will charge. So which charger is best for you? The answer will depend on your personal preference, your convenience, how much time you have to use it, and your budget. Also, you should have some familiarity with electrical equipment so that you know the difference between these two types.

In general, a Level 1 charger is capable of charging a car at a maximum charge rate of 22kW. However, you can use a Level 2 charger if you wish to boost the speed of charging your car at home. While Level 2 chargers deliver 22kW, they are more expensive than Level 1 chargers. They can deliver up to 10 times as much power to your electric car as the former.

How long does it take to charge popular EV models?

  Ford Mustang Mach-E Nissan Leaf • 40 kWh Chevy Bolt
50 Amp EV charger 6 h 44 min 4 h 33 min 6 h 53 min
32 Amp EV charger 9 h 38 min 4 h 33 min 6 h 53 min
16 Amp EV charger 19 h 30 min 7 h 54 min 13 h 2 min

Need to calculate the cost of charging? Use the calculator!