Nissan Leaf Charging Cost Calculator


In order to use the service, you need to select your model of electric car, and it does not necessarily have to be a Nissan Leaf. You can also find out the price of mains charging. It is possible to specify the cost of electricity in your area. This calculator will allow you to better plan your route.

What is the cost of fully charging an electric car?

This is a handy calculator for all Nissan electric car owners. You can use it to:

  • find the cheapest charging station networks;
  • calculate the time to "top up" the battery;
  • find out the cost of charging.

The cost of charging for an electric car will vary depending on the network of the charging station, as well as on the option of per-minute or per-watt charging.

Does the Nissan Leaf Charging Cost Calculator differ from the competition?

You can find several analogues on the Internet. But all of them have several significant drawbacks. First, they do not show the actual prices at the filling stations. Second, these calculators do not allow you to know the intermediate charging time. They are only relevant for those who only want to use the home network. EVadept offers more advanced functionality for Nissan Leaf owners. The tool calculates a large number of parameters from time to cost.

How much does it cost to charge a Nissan Leaf at top public charging stations

  Nissan Leaf • 24 kWh Nissan Leaf • 30 kWh Nissan Leaf • 40 kWh
Electrify America • Level 3 • 50 kW $2.18 $2.73 $3.64
ChargePoint • Level 3 $1.3 $1.3 $2.16
EV Connect • Level 3 $1.82 $2.27 $3.03

For other models, the calculation is also available in the calculator.