EV Range Calculator • All Models


Find out how many miles you can drive on a full battery charge.

With the EV Range Calculator you will be able to solve 3 main tasks:

  • determine the charging time of an electric car;
  • find out the cost of charging;
  • identify the most profitable network of charging stations.

This service will be useful to absolutely all owners of electric cars. Using it, you can calculate the cost and speed of charging from the home outlet. All you have to do is to select the appropriate type of socket and the cost per kilowatt of your electricity provider. The Electric Vehicle Range Calculator is as detailed as possible. It allows you to determine the price and intermediate charging time.

Calculate Mileage based on your home battery charger. 

The main difference from competitors is that they are not as informative. In addition, other calculators do not allow you to see the actual prices in the networks of charging stations, as Supercharger. In other calculators, you have to enter the data manually. The above disadvantages apply to most calculators that only allow you to calculate the cost of charging from an outlet. If you want to save your time and money, this is the place to go. Save the EV Range Calculator to your bookmarks =)