Cost to Charge Electric Car Calculator


How much will it cost to charge an electric car? By selecting charging conditions here you can easily compare prices and find out where it is more profitable to charge your electric car at home or at fast charging networks. How long will it take to charge your electric car, this will be shown immediately after selecting the car model and EVSE option. 

If you choose one of the charging station networks, there are often two types of charging. 

  • The first is when you pay by the kilowatt. 
  • The second, when you pay by the minutes.  

If your electric car is capable of taking a lot of kilowatts of DC, per-minute billing may be more advantageous. You have to factor in session fees at some locations and downtime after the charging process.

Find out how long an EV will drive before and after charging. Here you can find out how long it will take to charge from your home station to charge the electric car exactly to the limit you want. This will show you the value in miles before and after the charging process.

You don't need to understand how to calculate EV charging cost for an electric car to use the calculator. With the intuitive interface, it's easy and quick.

Cost To Charge Electric Car Calculator will help you save a lot of money. Here's How!

How to accurately calculate the cost of charging an electric car?

This short article will tell you about a special cost to charge electric car calculator. It does not matter how the owner will charge his vehicle - at a gas station or in your own garage.

For a correct calculation, the calculator will offer to select the type of socket (socket), as well as the used charging station (Level-2 or Level-1). You will be able to compare the cost of different recharging scenarios to determine the question - is it more profitable to "recharge" the electric car at home or at a specialized station.

How to recharge a car?

In order to fill the battery of an electric car with electricity again, you will need a power source and charger. Chargers are different, so you need to look at the type of adapter, because it must fit to a particular car. You can go for a little trick and take an adapter, such as a device like J1772.

The speed of the charging process largely depends on the power source, and more precisely on the power of the outlet that powers the charging station. These devices can be used in conjunction with extension cords if the electric car is standing far away from the garage. Using an electric car on a permanent basis, it is recommended to install a stationary charging equipment. You will need a qualified electrician to do this. This will allow you to charge the vehicle very quickly and at maximum capacity.

What does the cost calculation for charging an electric car depend on? Which option is more profitable?

Choosing a network of charging stations, it is recommended to find out about the charging conditions beforehand. You can often find the following types of charging for charging your car:

  • per minute charge;
  • payment per kilowatt used.

If the electric car supports charging with high-power direct current, then the per-minute charging will be the most advantageous option. Also, do not forget that some charging station networks charge customers for a single charging procedure.

Benefits of the electric vehicle charging cost calculator

The calculator will help you easily calculate the range after charging, as well as tell you how much more the car needs to charge. The resulting value will be immediately in miles, which makes life much easier for charging owners. Now there is no need to calculate something by yourself, because the calculator will do everything by itself. To understand it is quite simple, thanks to a simple and clear interface.

Using the calculator allows you to solve 3 major problems that arise for each owner of an electric car:

  • calculate the cost of charging;
  • determine exactly the charging time;
  • to find the most profitable network of electric charging stations.

Who will benefit from the charging calculator?

Every owner of an electric car needs this service. It can be both a beginner and an experienced driver who has already changed several electric cars. After all, the calculator will help to quickly and easily calculate the speed and cost of charging. You only need to enter the price of one kilowatt and select your type of outlet. Then the service will calculate everything and provide the most detailed report.

Other calculators require you to enter a lot of data manually, and still only support the calculation of the cost of charging from the outlet. Don't waste your time, use cost to charge electric car calculator, and don't forget to bookmark it. Use your own electric car with maximum comfort, depending on the parameters, use any suitable calculator. Calculate the cost charge electric car with the utmost accuracy and always arrive on time.

How much does charging an electric car cost?

16 Amp EV charger 40 Amp EV charger ChargePoint • 6.6KW OUTPUT (AC)
Tesla Model Y $4.5 $4.5 $3
Chevy Bolt • 66 kWh $5.94 $5.94 $3.96
Nissan Leaf • 40 kWh $3.6 $3.6 $2.4

This calculator can also calculate the charging cost for other electric vehicle models.