Grizzl-E Duo Level 2 Dual EV Charger 9,6kw (240 Volt, 24ft/7.3m Cord, 40 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug, ideal for charge two EVs at the same time

Ideal for 2 EVs

The dual port EVSE designed to charge two electric vehicles at the same time. Intelligent power-sharing to maximize available current. Provides up to 10kw to 1 vehicle. IP67 Water-resistant.

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by EV Adept
May 28, 2024 3:15 AM
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  • Grizzl-E Dual Charging station is a long-awaited dual-port Plug In EVSE that may charge 2 electric cars at the same time.
  • Smart balancing will calculate the maximum current to charge one or two electric cars, given the limits of the electric circuit. Allow for more efficient resource utilization by using two cars together. It delivers up to 10kW to a single vehicle.
  • It comes with two J1772 24-foot charging cables.
  • Made in Canada with a NEMA-4 Indoor/Outdoor rated metal shell to survive the toughest weather conditions. It’s compatible with all electric cars sold in North America.
  • Adjustable 40A, 32A, 24A, 16A will come in handy when connecting the charger through an adapter to a different socket than the 14-50.
  • It’s not a portable device, but it is transportable. It’s simple to remove from the mounting bracket and move it from one place to another.
  • Easy to install and use. The simplest way to add a EVSE is to wait for your electrician or EV Adept professional to install a standard 14-50R outlet. And you are ready to plug in your charger for 2 EVs.
  • NEMA 4 is a UL Classified Fire-Resistant Cast Enclosure. EVSE with IP67 Water Protection. Both detection and charging processes are tested in the same manner. Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Ground Fault, and Over Temperature are all examples of protections built into the two-charging system.
  • You may purchase goods from and get a manufacturer’s warranty of three years on the products. If you choose to have EV Adept install your EVSE, you’ll be eligible for an additional five-year installation labor warranty.

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Grizzl-E specifications

Manufacturer info

Grizzl-E is a manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers.They work with retailers to offer sales on these products, and they are well loved by owners of electric cars.

You can see how the brand was originally named after a bear. Instead of Grizzl-E, you might find people looking for grizzly chargers.

Founded in the year 2019, Grizzl-E has been leading the way for innovative electric vehicle charging solutions. As a manufacturer of products that are published in top rankings, such as dual EV chargers, they have invested time and money into research and development so they can provide you with their latest innovations. With Grizzl-E's chargers, electric vehicles have never run out of power.

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11 reviews for the Grizzl-E Duo Level 2 Dual EV Charger (240 Volt, 24ft Ca...

  1. James 2 years ago

    Grizlle is a high-quality EV charging station for two EVs. I highly recommend it. It works great for my Bolt and Kona.

  2. Nel 2 years ago

    Great EVSE and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a high-quality twin EV charging station that can charge two cars.

  3. Richard 2 years ago

    There’s an alternative to the plugged-in connection. The hardwired connection is more stable. When I charge my id4, i get 9.6kW. It takes twice as long to charge the id4 when my wife and me are simultaneously charging our Chevy. We get enough charging to last us the whole night. This is much easier than the chargers included with your EV…

  4. Fred 2 years ago

    the customer service from grizzly has been excellent and i’m very happy with my purchase

  5. Robert year ago

    The charging speed is fantastic and the build quality is excellent.

  6. Antonio year ago

    I am very impressed with the speed of charging and the features offered by Grizlle duo. I chose from the reviews of the top chargers for two cars, and I wasn’t wrong. While there are some nuances that car owners may point out, the majority of things work fine.

  7. Jimmy year ago

    The Grizzle -E Duo is incredible. It was hooked up to a 240 mains with a 50 amp fuse. The unit is set up for 40 amps. I use it to charge my Volkswagen ID.4 at night. In the morning, I put it back off. It’s so easy! And very affordable!

  8. Patrick year ago

    This charger is amazing. There are very few charging devices that can charge two cars. The ones that do are more expensive than Grizzl E. It charges quickly our Kia Niro EV as well as our Hyundai Kona. Intellectual functions are the only thing that’s missing from this charging device.

  9. Michael year ago

    This device is great because it can connect to a “one” 220-volt outlet, and charge up to two EVs simultaneously. It charges faster if only one EV is connected. It takes between 3 and 5 hours to charge one car. It’s easy to install, simply insert a fork in a 220-volt outlet and you are done. Great portable device.

  10. Albert year ago

    It works exactly as described. It is very well made and even better designed. It is only used for charging my Porsche Taycan. But so far, it has been flawless. Excellent wall mount design. So far, I’m very happy.

  11. Garrett J year ago

    We are very happy with the work and the overall quality of the devices. Excellent technical support from the company – we had issues with one device and they were very responsive and helped us solve it quickly. It has many great functions, including the ability to charge two vehicles from one source. This makes it appealing to people who have multiple EVs in their family or business.

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