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How much does it cost to charge a Tesla Model Y electric car today?

By determining in the Tesla Model Y charging cost calculator the conditions of the charger, you can easily make a comparative price analysis, as well as get information about where to charge the car is much more profitable: in public networks of rapid charging or at home. Immediately after selecting the model of an electric car and the type of device, you will be shown how much time it will take to charge it.

Tesla Model Y electric car charging calculator

Thanks to a special calculator you will be able to quickly calculate the cost of charging the main models of electric cars Tesla. And it can also help you determine what type of device it is cheapest to charge the battery.

It is very important for travel enthusiasts to be aware of the distance that the Tesla Model Y can travel between "Supercharger" high-speed charging stations. If your vehicle's charge is approaching zero, you can always use the calculator to quickly find out the price to drive the car a certain number of miles.

There is no problem with any other stations, because an adapter is included with the happy owners of the Tesla Model Y electric car. It's easy enough to compare the cost in different public networks of recharging stations. Want to learn more about How to Charge Tesla at Non-Tesla Public Charging Stations Using Adapters read here.

Basic Tasks

With the calculator you can solve the following tasks: determine the charging time, cost, as well as the approximate distance the electric car will travel and identify the most profitable network of charging stations.

Connecting to outlets

When plugged into different charging stations and outlets, charging speeds will also vary. For example, when plugged into an outlet at 15 amps, there is a minimum speed. The price of charging a Tesla Model Y electric car at home will be per kilowatt of power, whereas public networks may charge rates per kilowatt as well as per charging time. Get details on power and pricing by selecting the desired grid in the calculator.


When you choose one of the charging station networks, there are most often two types of charging rates:

  • payment per minutes;
  • payment per kilowatt.

Thus, the per-minute rate will be much more advantageous if your vehicle is able to take a large number of kilowatts in a minimum amount of time.

The main differences from competitors

Let's list the main differences:

  • Informativeness. Other calculators are less informative, the actual prices in the networks, except Supercharger, is often not possible to see.
  • Automatic data entry. Many other calculators offer only have to enter manually.

The above disadvantages are found in almost all calculators, which only calculate the cost of charging from the outlet. If you want to significantly save your money and time, you should definitely use this Tesla Model Y charging cost calculator.

Tesla model Y: What is the cost of charging to a full battery?

  Supercharger • 150KW OUTPUT (DC) Electrify America • 50KW OUTPUT (DC) EVgo • 50KW OUTPUT (DC)
Long Range RWD $11.7 $6.82 $13.07
Performance $11.7 $6.82 $13.07
Standard Range $11.7 $4.55 $8.72

The cost of charging at stations with other parameters can be found in the calculator.

Tesla home chargers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capabilities.

Tesla has an alternative to the Wall Connector. The Mobile Connector plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet and can provide up to 16 amps of power for a charge rate of up 2 kW. You can purchase the mobile connector separately or included in your Tesla purchase. If you're looking for a more powerful charger, take a look at the Tesla Wall connector. The charger plugs into a standard 240-volt outlet and can supply up to 16 amps with a charging speed of up to 7.75 kilowatts - more than enough power to quickly charge your Tesla vehicle. Every new Tesla comes with one of these chargers, but if you need another, they are available for purchase on the Tesla website.