Splitvolt Level 2 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 16.4ft/5m Cord, 24 Amp, 2.3kW) NEMA 10-30 Plug, NEC-Safe 30 Amp

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by EV Adept
Jul 22, 2024 4:15 PM


  • The fastest rate for a 30 Amp circuit recognized by the NEC -protected in an all-weather IP55 rated enclosure.
  • Splitvolt’s goal is to provide creative answers and goods that make the ownership of an electric vehicle simpler and more affordable, as well as high-performance extension cables, adapters, and the award-winning Splitter Switch for simple and flexible access to your present power sources.
  • The charging status can be viewed with built-in LEDs by taking a quick look: Fault 1, and Fault 2, Power, Charge.
  • Connect the appliance into your existing standard household 220-240V NEMA 10-30 socket, dryer outlet, or Splitvolt Splitter Switch (both sold separately).
  • Compatible with most Electric Vehicles on the market in North America with a SAE J1772 socket; comes with a one-year warranty.

Additional information

SKU split1030
7.7 lbs
17.95 × 13.58 × 4.84 in
NEMA 10-30
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
-13 ~ + 131°F
1 year
Manufacturer info

Splitvolt is a manufacturer of EV chargers that are durable and have been certified, as confirmed by reviews from customers. Splitvolt EV chargers also come with a warranty. It's sleek, lightweight design and high efficiency make it perfect for any home or office environment.

These chargers are long enough for comfortable use. But if necessary, you can see our extension cords for EV chargers review. The durability of our product allows you to charge your car without having to worry about heavy winds or other weather conditions affecting it.

Product info
Level 2 EV charger

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5 reviews for the Splitvolt Level 2 Portable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge...

  1. Jamie J 2 years ago

    In my garage, I have a NEMA 10-30 30-amp socket. Splitvolt’s built-in load of 24 amps attracted me to it. Everything looked good when the charger was connected to a wall. The fault indicator kept flashing when I tried to plug a car into the charger. This indicated that there had been a power loss. I went to the store to buy a new outlet. I took her home and had her installed. She is fully charged Chevy Bolt. This charger is amazing, and so is this company.

  2. Dan J 2 years ago

    I needed a second charger to be able quickly charge my Porsche Taycan at work and at home. I decided on a 24-ampered Splitvolt. Splitvolt allows me to charge my car at 30 mph.
    It worked exactly as it was described. It is lightweight and very well made. The charger can be carried in the included bag.

  3. Antonio 2 years ago

    To use the NEMA fork 30, I needed a portable charger. Others charging devices that are designed for 30 amps were not compatible with the NEMA 10-30 forks. They also consume more than 25 amps which is dangerous for the chain.
    The device arrived safely and preserved and was well packed. The kit comes with a carry case and a rubber covering for the port.

    The purchase was a pleasant experience. It charged my car quickly and efficiently. It is great to have a NEMA 30-30 charger without a fault. It’s not possible for everyone to install a 40-ampere cable in their home without major costs.

  4. Josh M 2 years ago

    It works great, even though it is my first time using it. My Volkswagen ID comes with a 110 volt charger. It charges at 4 miles per hour and takes approximately 9 hours to charge. The only thing I could find was this charger. It comes with a NEMA 10-30 fork and a 30-ampere cable. It can charge at 26 amps. The charger charges much faster. The cord measures 15 feet in length, as opposed to 25 which come with many chargers. It works. It fits snugly and the charger can tell what to do when it is connected.

  5. Eddy year ago

    It uses approximately 26 amps and seems to be almost as fast level 2. It is very fast. It comes with a charging cable, but the bag can also be used as a storage container. Installing 240-volt sockets NEMA 14-30 is cheaper than installing a L2 charger.

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