ClipperCreek Level 2 9.6 kW Dual Home Charging Station (HCS-D50) NEMA 6-50 Plugin (240 Volt, 25ft/7.62m Cord, up to 40 Amp), 2 SAE J1772 connectors, 2 Connector Holsters

Handy device plugs into NEMA 6-50 socket and distributes power between two cars.

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by EV Adept
Nov 14, 2022 6:02 PM


  • ENERGY STAR(r) certified
  • Fully sealed NEMA4 station enclosure for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Two universal connectors SAE J1772, which are suitable for charging all electric cars in the US
  • Fast charging of two electric cars with 9.6kW
  • Operating temperatures: -22F to 122F (-30C to 50C).
  • No assembly necessary
  • Optional Cable Cradle available for cable management and additional charging cables, only $19.00
  • The integrated cable wrap makes it easy and convenient to store the cable.
  • Two wall-mount or pedestal mount SAE connector holsters
  • Two 25-foot charging cables are available for flexible installation and greater vehicle reach
  • Reclosure of an automatic circuit after a minor power failure – If your car is charged, it will be charged
  • A padlock can be attached to the connector head latch for added security (padlocks are included).
  • Made in America
  • ClipperCreek’s 3-year warranty is included via orders or other ways. Outstanding customer service.
  • Included: FREE Dry erase pen and a Connector Tag You can store your car and indicate whether you want to unplug it while charging at public charging stations.
  • With this device, you do not have to puzzle over how to charge 2 electric cars from one EV charger.

Charge 2 electric cars. One station, one circuit. Double your vehicle charging power! The HCS-D50P, a Level 2 hardwired station with 50 amps, can charge two vehicles at once on one circuit. The HCS-D50P divides electricity between two vehicles. It can charge up to 20 Amps each while both are charging and up to 40 Amps for one. It is installed on a 50 Amp circuit.

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SKU clcr65040
21 lbs
19.7 × 8.9 × 5.3 in
NEMA 6-50
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
-22°F to 122°F
Manufacturer info

ClipperCreek produces Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), for public, fleet, workplace, and residential electric vehicle charging. Made in America, they manufacture powerful and reliable dual electric vehicle charging stations. The electric vehicle charging stations have the highest quality warranties and are independently listed safety labs. You can trust ClipperCreek products to provide a reliable, fast charge with thousands of sold electric vehicle charging stations and millions of miles.

Setting Standards in Safety and Reliability - ClipperCreek's products are the Gold Standard in the EV Charging industry.ClipperCreek's gold standard products deliver:

Reliable Charges Everytime - Innovative features that work every time/  Every day, hassle-free performance.  Safest - There are many generations of safety lab certified products such as 40-amp EVSE. It is easy to install - This product is considered the easiest in the industry and saves money.

Product info
Dual EV charger for 2 EVs

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6 reviews for the ClipperCreek Level 2 Dual Home Charging Station (HCS-D5...

  1. Brent G year ago

    I absolutely love my ClipperCreek. It’s so easy to use and it charges my car quickly. But I can’t monitor the charging process through the app on my phone. So it’s not the most convenient to take with me on trips.

  2. Randy year ago

    Our Porsche Taycan – it was slow to charge. We used the included charging cable, but it took 8 hours to fully charge. This model was chosen because of the fast charging capability and I am very happy with it. Although there are cheaper brands out there, this model is made in America. This is something I appreciate. The charging process is completed in three hours.

  3. Wesley year ago

    The car will send me an email if I forget to plug it in. This happens even though it is a very simple procedure. This charger is great for use with the Nissan Leaf. It is a purchase that is good for the environment as well as my finances.

  4. Jim year ago

    An electrician was hired to install the Clippercreek charger at a 220-volt socket. We used our 120-volt outlet after we bought a Chevy Bolt. Instead of waiting for 9 hours to charge, I can charge my car in just 3 hours.

  5. Andrew year ago

    It was purchased for my Volkswagen ID. It works great. It can be charged overnight. The charger is convenient. It is a great price. Install a 220 V outlet.

  6. Rob year ago

    This device works well with our Nissan Leaf. The 220 V charger that came with our car was not as efficient as the 110 V charger. It is very reliable. Keep in mind that the side of the Nema 14-50 NEMA is approximately one foot long and that the cable is quite thick.

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