EVCARS Tesla to J1772 Adapter, Max 40A 250V

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  • The maximum current has been raised to 40A – 250V AC. It charges three times as quickly as a Level 1 charger. As a result, it can charge in only a few hours.
  • This Tesla adapter works with any SAE J1772 ev vehicle. When using this Tesla adapter on the highway, Type 1 vehicles will have the most charging possibilities. The Tesla adapter does not work with the Tesla Supercharger.
  • The Tesla Adapter uses thermoplastic with IP44 in good working order. Convenient to carry with you in your vehicle. It may be used with a Mobile Connector, Destination Charging, or Tesla Wallbox Connector
  • 1 year warranty and on-site technical assistance are included. For the previous ten years, Evcars has been committed to EV charging. If there is a problem, manufacturer will give you expert help.
  • The following vehicles are incompatible with our Tesla adaptor: E-Golf, Kia Niro PHEV, Tesla Gen 3 wall charger, BMW i3, and Tesla SuperCharger. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this product, please contact the seller.

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9.21 × 3.39 × 3.03 in
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Zencar is a manufacturer of Tesla to J1772 Adapter. EVCARS products have been rightfully considered a favorite among the owners of electric cars due to its high quality and durability. When deciding whether or not to purchase EVCARS Tesla to J1772 adapter, look for reviews and recommendations on their use from other customers who have bought them in the past. Many people consider this brand one of the best EV chargers out there because they are built with such high quality materials that will last you years after buying it.

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Tesla to J1772 adapter

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