Megear Adapter from UMC to J1772 (Max40A,250V)

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  • The charger is small and light, making it easy to transport. The whole kit weights just 500 grams. It’s very light and tiny, so you can go out for fun without having to worry about charging.
  • Simply connect the adapter to the Tesla charger, then your J1772 regular car. Please keep in mind that the Adapter is not compatible with Tesla’s third-generation charging stations. Pls note that the BMW I3 and e-Golf are not compatible with Tesla’s first or second generation charging stations. Not compatible with tesla supercharger.
  • The company offers lifetime hassle-free technical assistance, as well as a 12 months warranty. We’ll make it right if our items or anything isn’t to your satisfaction! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding
  • It’s a great value for money, with excellent durability and conductivity. The rated current and voltage is 250V, 40A. It can operate at temperatures down to -30°F to 50°F and includes flame retardancy, pressure resistance, and wear resistance, making it extremely safe to use.
  • Connect a Tesla car to the SAE J1772-compatible adapter. You may charge your electric vehicle on a Tesla EV Charger at work or on trips with this adaptor.

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SKU t2j03
1.26 lbs
9.13 × 3.35 × 3.31 in
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MEGEAR has been designing and manufacturing Tesla adapters, helping drivers make their cars even better. These Tesla to J1772 adapter are highly sought after and have been recommended by many owners of electric cars. When deciding whether or not to buy these goods, search for feedback and preferences from the companies that you know. You can find this brand on many lists as one of the best EV chargers out there.

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Tesla to J1772 adapter

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