Zencar AKSESROYAL Tesla Charger to J1772, Max 40A & 250V

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  • This is a high-quality and compact adapter intended to connect Tesla chargers to SAE J1772 electric vehicles. It’s really simple to use.
  • The J1772 adapter is not compatible with Tesla Supercharger, Third Generation charges, the BMW I3, e-Golf, and the Jeep Wrangler 4xe. Before using the adapter, make sure your charger’s settings are correct; connect the Tesla charger to the adapter first before connecting it to the vehicle.
  • With this J1772 Adapter, you can charge your EV in a variety of different ways. It may be used with Tesla Wallbox Connectors, Destination Charging, or Mobile Connector. With 1 and 2 generation charging stations, it’s compatible.
  • The J1775 adapter is constructed of thermoplastic and weighs just 1.24 pounds. Max current rating is 40A. It can operate at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has flame retardancy, pressure resistance, and wear resistance, making it very safe to use.

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SKU t2j06
1.25 lbs
8.27 × 2.75 × 2.75 in
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Zencar is a manufacturer of EV chargers, designed to make charging electric cars easy and convenient. AKSESROYAL's products are favorites among the owners of electric cars, and for good reason: they're powerful, efficient, and easy to use. Many people have found that these Tesla to J1772 Adapters provide a much better experience than other options on the market today. Whether you're looking for a charger with the most features or one that's easy on your wallet, they've got something great just waiting for you!

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Tesla to J1772 adapter

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