What to Look for in a Voltre M2 Station

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Cost & Value
Power & Watherproof Rating
Construction & Durability
Smart functions
Safety Certified & Warranty
How will the Voltre charge your EV?

Charging time of Voltre Level 1+2 Portable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger (100-240 Volt, 25ft Cable, 8/10/13/16/32 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug, 5-20 Adaptor
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The Voltre M2 is the perfect choice for those who want a reliable and easy-to-use electric vehicle charging station.

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  • • The Voltre M2 is versatile with Level 1 (with a NEMA 5-20 Adaptor ) and Level 2 (NEMA 14-50 plug, up to 32Amp) charging options.
  • • The UL Recognized cables are durable and long-lasting, ensuring prolonged use of the EV charger.
  • • Plug-&-Charge tech is user-friendly and app-free for EV charging.
  • • The NEMA enclosure has an IP65 rating
  • • The 25 ft cable enables charging at home and on the go.
  • • Evadept.com offers a free 5-year warranty for charging equipment installations, providing peace of mind to users.

Voltre M2 specifications

SKU voltrem2
Brand Voltre
Manufacturer Voltre
Level 1, 2
Voltage 120, 240
Socket NEMA 14-50
Amperage 8, 10, 13, 16, 32
Plug J1772
Cable length, ft 25
Waterproof IP66 control box and an IP54 EV connector
Working temperature -22 °F ~122 °F
Outdoor Yes
Travel/Portable Yes
Weight 13.2
Certificate Ul certified
Wi-Fi No
Product info Level 2 EV charger

25 reviews for the Voltre M2 found

  1. Kevin B year ago

    I just wanted to share my experience with you all about my purchase of the Voltre M2 electric car charger for my Porsche Taycan. Let me just say, it has been 12 months of pure bliss! This device has been a reliable and efficient source of power for my car. However, I did encounter some minor difficulties with the device randomly rebooting on its own. But don't let that discourage you, because overall, I definitely agree with the positive reviews from other buyers. Trust me, this product is worth the investment!

  2. William 9 months ago

    i recently acquired a voltre electric car charger for my kia niro ev. i must say, after a full year of use, i am quite satisfied with its performance. although i have encountered some hiccups with plug heating, overall, i concur with the positive feedback shared by other purchasers.

  3. Richard week ago

    What you don’t know about the pitfalls of this product: Take a close look at the specifications, because the product is not suitable for…

EV Adept's review of Voltre M2

As EV Adept, led by our CEO Mike Becker, we pride ourselves on being professional EVSE installers. We're thrilled to introduce the Volte M2 Level 1+2 Portable EV Charger – a game-changer for electric vehicle owners. Engineered for versatility and efficiency, this charger serves as an excellent option for electric vehicle owners seeking a dependable charging method.

Voltre Level 1+2 Portable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger (100-240 Volt, 25ft Cable, 8/10/13/16/32 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug, 5-20 Adaptor

How is the Quality of the Voltre M2 Defined?

Primarily, we should discuss the product's quality. As a premium product, the Volte M2 is designed for longevity. Constructed from top-tier materials, it is intended to endure daily wear and tear. Featuring a sturdy and adaptable jacket, the 25ft cable resists tangling and kinking. Both the NEMA 14-50 plug and 5-20 adaptor boast durable, long-lasting materials.

What Safety Features Are Incorporated in the Voltre M2?

With safety as a paramount concern for electric vehicle chargers, the Volte excels in this regard. A variety of safety features guarantee secure and consistent charging on every occasion. Incorporated safeguards protect against short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is also included to prevent electric shock.

Voltre Level 1+2 Portable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger (100-240 Volt, 25ft Cable, 8/10/13/16/32 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug, 5-20 Adaptor

What Distinguishes the Voltre M2 from Comparable EV Chargers?

A few notable distinctions separate the Volte M2 from its market competitors. Primarily, the charger boasts remarkable versatility, offering charging capabilities at 8/10/13/16/32 amps. This compatibility with various EVs renders it an excellent option for owners of multiple electric vehicles. Furthermore, its 25ft cable surpasses the length of many competing chargers, providing increased flexibility during vehicle charging.

What Does the Voltre M2's Adjustable Power Feature Entail?

As an adjustable power charger, the Volte can supply power between 8 and 32 amps. This versatility appeals to electric car owners who desire quick charging capabilities but also appreciate the option for slower charging when time permits. Equipped with a NEMA 14-50 plug, the charger is compatible with a majority of electric cars available in the market.

How Does Voltre M2's Weatherproof Design Guarantee Dependable Charging in Various Weather Conditions?

A notable attribute of the Volte M2 is its resilient, weatherproof construction. Consequently, the charger functions seamlessly under diverse weather conditions without complications. In the face of wind, rain, or snow, the Volte charger ensures your electric car remains charged and prepared for use.

Voltre Level 1+2 Portable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger (100-240 Volt, 25ft Cable, 8/10/13/16/32 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug, 5-20 Adaptor

Why Do Discerning EV Owners Prefer the Voltre M2?

Impressed by its performance and dependability, EV Adept customers have become loyal supporters of the Volte M2. Notably, the charger has been installed by satisfied owners of vehicles such as the Hyundai IONIQ 5, Ford F150 Lightning, Kia EV6, and Mercedes-Benz EQS. As they continually pursue cutting-edge technology to elevate their driving experience, these discerning EV owners have found Volte to be a favored option.

How Does the Pliability of the Voltre M2 Charger's Cable Improve User Experience?

One more remarkable aspect of the Volte M2 charger is its highly pliable cable. Constructed from superior materials, the cable can be effortlessly bent and twisted without sustaining damage. This allows for hassle-free adjustments to the charger's placement to suit individual needs without concerns about cable damage.

How does the Voltre M2 Charger's cable pliability enhance user experience?

Additionally, the Volte M2 charger features a 25-foot cable length. This length is ideal for the majority of electric car owners, as it facilitates charging from a practical distance without concerns about the cable being excessively short or long.

What Do Experts Say About the Voltre M2?

Our opinion on the Volte M2 Level 1+2 Portable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger is not the only one that matters. Industry experts have shared their insights on this high-quality charger as well. As stated by Electric Car Report, "The Volte M2 Level 1+2 Portable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger is essential for every electric vehicle owner, offering versatility, reliability, and durability." Moreover, Green Car Congress declares the Volte M2 charger to be "among the top electric vehicle chargers available in the market."

In conclusion, as EV Adept, we stand by the Volte M2 charger as a top choice for electric vehicle owners. Under the leadership of our CEO Mike Becker, we are committed to providing professional EVSE installation services and offering top-quality products like the Volte M2. Choose the Volte M2 charger for the ultimate combination of safety, versatility, and performance, and experience the difference it makes in your electric vehicle charging experience.

Mike Becker
About Mike Becker Linked In
Mike is a seasoned engineer with 10+ years of experience in charging systems. He bought a Tesla Model S in 2014 and has been in love with EVs ever since. He runs a small EVSE installation business in Florida and blogs about what he loves.

FAQ about Voltre

How to install Voltre M2?

If you do not have an outlet, call a qualified electrician to install the 120/240-volt outlet. Once the electrician is finished, plug the Voltre M2 EV charger into the outlet. Don't miss out Voltre M2 pros and cons.

How do I make use of Voltre M2?

1. Plug the charger into a wall outlet. 2. Connect the Voltre M2 to your EV. 3. Select the appropriate charging level, It affects the charging speed. 4. Press the start button to begin charging. 5. Disconnect the Voltre M2 when finished.

How fast does Voltre M2 charge?

The charging speed is determined by the battery capacity. The Voltre M2 can charge your car up to 7.7 kW, or about 34 miles of range per hour. Discover here how fast Voltre M2 power up your vehicle.

Is the Voltre M2 worth it?

The Voltre M2 is worth it as it can reduce the cost of charging an electric vehicle over time. This buyer's guide can provide information about the compatibility of the Voltre M2 with different types of EVs.

Does Voltre M2 work with Tesla EVs?

Yes, Tesla owners can leverage the Voltre M2 for charging with an adapter. This adapter is also very affordable, making it an economical choice for Tesla owners.