BougeRV Level 2 Portable EV Charger 6,144kW NEMA 14-50 Plug, 32Amp, 240V, 25 Feet (7.62 m) Charging Cord

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by EV Adept
Jun 22, 2024 8:15 AM
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  • North Ameica’s Electric Vehicles: Compatible with all electric cars that comply with SAE J1772 requirements. Simple to install on a NEMA 14-50 socket (like a clothes dryer/washer outlets). 25 feet of cable is plenty for your parking spaces and garages.
  • Level 2 EV charger saves you 6 times as much time as a level 1 EV charger by using 240 voltage boosting and a maximum charging rate of up to 32 amps. The electric vehicle may travel 23 miles per hour while being charged.
  • This EV charger has a high degree of safety and dependability. It is lightning-resistant, leakproof, overvoltage-resistant, undervoltage-resistant, overheating resistant, and overcurrent-proof. Waterproof to an IP67 rating.
  • 1 Battery and Charging Station, 1 Carrying Case, 1 User Manual. BougeRV provides one-year warranty and lifetime hassle-free technical support to its clients. Please get in touch with the Brand customer service if there is anything that does not meet your needs.
  • User-Friendly Settings: You may regulate the charge power to whatever low or high with adjustable current settings (10/13/16/32 amps). The LED screen and LED indicator allow you to understand the charging process clearly.

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BougeRV is an electric vehicle charger manufacturer that provides reliable products, with a guarantee from the manufacturer. BougeRV EV chargers are fully tested by reviews before they are sent to you, so you can be confident in your purchase. Manufacturer is committed to delivering products that save energy and reduce CO2 emissions while being affordable for everyone.

BougeRV is an EV charger. It has been published in reviews about the best 32 Amp EV chargers on the market today, and it is not one to be overlooked. BougeRV will show you how to plug yourself in for a charge with our convenient, powerful, and eco-friendly design that lets you plug your car into any standard outlet.

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5 reviews for the BougeRV Level 2 Portable EV Charger NEMA 14-50 Plug, 32...

  1. Micky 2 years ago

    Cord was thicker than I expected. The display panel section of the charger is very durable and rubberized. It can withstand drops and shocks for the duration of its service life. It was a great purchase that I am very happy with. The charger, which I installed in my Audi E-Tron is of high quality, and the sensations it produces are identical to this charger.

  2. Sam J 2 years ago

    This charging station improves the efficiency of Hyundai Kona hybrid cars. Bougerv charging station is a good choice for the price. Because it provides a fast charge, I selected a 32-A charging station. The Bougerv level 2 charging station was used for over a month. Since then we haven’t used gasoline. The control unit is easy to find and use. It is flexible and can be wound or unwound easily. The cord holder is the perfect size and durable.

  3. Ray 2 years ago

    The charger worked for me for 2 months. This charger is my favorite.
    The charger does not feel cheap to him. It feels very sturdy in his hands. It displays the required information. The cord will be connected to the car’s charging port. A plug is provided to protect the connector. It can be attached to the car easily and removed easily.

  4. Antonio 2 years ago

    This charger was cheaper than buying a second charger for my Volkswagen ID.4. Although the charger is compatible with Volkswagen ID.4, it is not 100% compatible. The charger is not compatible with deferred charging. The charger works quickly and is in good condition.

  5. Ryan year ago

    He was professional and charged our Chevy Bolt for three hours.
    I found that 32 amps were actually closer to 29 amps. Maybe the car adjusts current strength. It took me about three hours to complete the task, which was in line with my expectations.
    It looks sturdy and will last a lifetime. The cable and plug are very durable. It is a great option.

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