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Why use the Audi e-tron electric car charging time calculator?

One of the most significant disadvantages of modern electric cars, compared to vehicles that use a combustion engine, is quite a long time to charge the battery. However, the inconvenience of the long wait can be avoided if you know in advance how long it will take to charge the battery. By calculating this value with the Audi e-tron charging time calculator it is possible to plan the time for the actual tasks.

What does the Audi e-tron charging time depend on?

Despite the lack of uniform regulations, strictly defining the time of charging the battery, the manufacturers of electric cars offer the following charging standards:

  • Slow - 3-8 hours;
  • Semi-quick - 1,5-3 hours;
  • Fast - up to 15 minutes.

Charging modes have a big impact on the speed: DC - faster, AC - slower.

Also, there are two main parameters on which the charging speed of the Audi e-tron depends:

  • Battery capacity. It can vary in a fairly wide range not only in different manufacturers, but even within the same model of electric car. This information is available in the vehicle data sheet and is expressed in kilowatts per hour - kWh. The calculator has a drop-down menu in which you need to select the model of the electric vehicle, after which the value of the battery capacity will be automatically put in the appropriate window.
  • The capacity of the charging station, which is denoted by the abbreviation EVSE. Calculated by multiplying the operating voltage of the mains (V) and the charger capacity (A). Choosing a charger for an electric car is a responsible decision. Top Audi e-tron chargers can be viewed on our website.

Formula for calculating the charging time for Audi e-tron

The general formula for calculating the time it takes to fully charge the battery of an electric car will be as follows:

T = E x 1000 / EVSE x 1000, where

  • T - charging time (min);
  • E - battery capacity (kWh);
  • EVSE - power of the charger (kW).

This form can be used only for the most approximate calculation with a rather large tolerance. The proposed calculator takes into account many additional factors, among which the loss factor, as well as various individual characteristics and technical limitations of the charging units integrated in the electric car.

Charging stations and adapters

Most often, Audi e-trons are charged using household charging stations. Most models of charging stations use a NEMA 14-50 socket. Electric cars use the J1772 connector. In the future, wireless EV charging stations may be used.

Depending on the model, Level 1 or Level 2 charging stations will have slower or faster charging times, respectively. The more advanced stations will negotiate the maximum possible speed with the electric car on their own.

The fastest charging is at DC stations.

We hope that the Audi e-tron charging time calculator was easy to use and helped you choose the best parameters for charging your electric car depending on the type of charger. You can also use the calculator if you want to calculate the cost or distance your electric car will travel.