Schumacher SC1455 Level 1 and Level 2 Portable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger NEMA 6-20 Plug, 3kW 16A, 240V, 28ft/8.5m cable

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by EV Adept
May 28, 2024 2:15 AM
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  • It charges your car three times faster than a level 1 charger at level 2.
  • The portable EV charger provides 16 Amps of power to electric vehicle batteries and works with any car in the United States using the regular J1772 connection.
  • The Comfort grip handle is made of rubber, with a plastic top to keep water and dirt out. The 28-foot cable is long enough to reach from the wall socket to the driveway.
  • By buying this product on, you will receive a discount on service work to install the outlet.
  • The most common vehicle charging system is Level 2, which uses a NEMA 6-20P with a 240V/16A current rating. It can also be converted to level 1, 120V/16A charging with a NEMA 5-15P adaptor.

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One of the leading manufacturers of EV chargers is the Schumacher company. Manufacturer has set out to make charging your electric vehicle as convenient and easy as possible. They take pride in their workmanship as well as the design and engineering of every component they make. This brand is rumored to be preparing a new set of Tesla to CCS charging adapters for electric cars.

Their products provide safe, reliable charging for your electric vehicle with a unique blend of quality, endurance, and energy efficiency. The company manufactures Level 2 portable EV charging stationsfor home use. With years of experience, Schumacher company knows how important it is to be reliable when it comes to your EV charger needs.

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11 reviews for the Schumacher SC1455 Level 1 and Level 2 Portable Electric...

  1. Sean W 2 years ago

    Nice device, but there is a risk that your circuit beaker will trip the circuit if it is rated for a 15 amp outlet. The reason for this is that the charger draws 16 amps. This is not a problem if you plug it into a 20 amp outlet (nema 5-20)…

  2. Taylor 2 years ago

    The Schumacher EV charger charges at 16 amps. The charger charges the Audi E-Tron in 3 hours. The cord is longer and includes an adapter that can be used with standard outlets. This is a big plus. Clipper Creek is a great brand and a top-quality charger. You can use it with 110 or 220 volts. Super, I’m satisfied!

  3. Tony J 2 years ago

    It can be used to charge my Nissan Leaf using a 220-volt outlet. It takes three hours to fully charge the battery. This is less than the time it takes for the 110 V charger that came with the car. The additional length of the charging port, located on the rear passenger side, attracted me. The charger is not waterproof. The J1772 charger can be used in the rain. This product is highly recommended. After several months of winter use, I will update this review.

  4. Matty 2 years ago

    The installation of the socket 220 V took only a few minutes in my case. The charger charged at 16 amps when connected to 120. It charged my Volkswagen ID at a much faster rate than the 10-ampere charger. The charger on 220 is faster and can also be used at home. It is easy to connect your device to 120V outlet with the 27-foot long charging cable.
    My experience has shown that there are other suppliers of schumaker parts for cars. They all provide reliable operation for many decades.

  5. David year ago

    Two were ordered and they are sturdy and well-made. Shumacher is a reliable and long-standing company. I cannot open the box to see what it contains. At first, I was assuming that I would need a 32-ampered charging cable. However, it turned out that I needed a 16-ampered one. It only uses half the power so it doesn’t overheat chargers and handles. Highly recommended.

  6. Shaun year ago

    This charger was purchased to replace the Mustang Mach-E’s factory charger. Although 16 amp can only provide 12 amps, you will need to adjust the volt setting in order to get 16 amperes. This holds true even for 220 V.

  7. Justin year ago

    When using the NEMA 5-15 adapter attached, ensure that the charger is connected to the outlet which is designed to handle 20A and the switch for 20A. I was thinking of buying Portable charger with affordable prices.

  8. Rich year ago

    The charger can charge on 16 amperes. The charger charges the Audi E-Tron in just 4hours. It comes with a longer cord and an adapter for standard outlets. This is a big plus. Clipper Creek is the best brand, as well as an excellent charger. Worked fine. The EV charger looks reasonably priced.

  9. Manuel year ago

    The device charged my Porsche Taycan nearly 4 times faster than the factory charger that uses 240 V. It will use full current 16A. Make sure you have everything in your chain, and that there is no extension cable.

  10. Richard year ago

    I initially thought i needed a 32-amp charger, in reality, a 16 amperer is more suitable. It only passes half of the power, so I’m less concerned about the chargers. The advantage is quality. Worked fine.

  11. Todd year ago

    The Schumacher charger was purchased for my Audi E-Tron. The original charger that came with the car was slower. Schumacher’s charger, which is connected to 240V, charges three times faster. The adapter allows you to use a 120V socket. This purchase was a great success. I was looking for Fastest EV charger with discounts.

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