MUSTART J1772 Extension Cord for EV Charger 40 Amp 20 Ft

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by EV Adept


  • This is a lightweight tent that’s great for travel.
  • The cable is super flexible and has a length of 20 feet.
  • An IP67 waterproof-rated J1772 connector has been added to the upgraded 40A Extension Cord, making it more robust.
  • Continuous rating is 40A
  • With cover caps on both ends, this is a Simple J1172 Male/Female connection.

Additional information

SKU ext002
Weight 9.86 lbs
Dimensions 15.94 × 13.78 × 5.87 in
Manufacturer MUSTART
Amperage 40
Cable length, ft 20
Waterproof IP67
Weight 9.86
Manufacturer info

MUSTART is a manufacturer of extension cables for electric cars. It is safe to say that they have earned their place among the best EV chargers. Their cables are made specifically for J1772 compatible electric vehicles, so you know they're going to be reliable. The company is currently growing rapidly in popularity and availability because of its high quality extension cords, which means there will soon be more places where you'll see this brand listed as one of the best EV chargers out there!

Additional information

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