Camco NEMA 14-50 Extension Cord for RV and Auto 30ft 50-Amp

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  • The 30-foot extension cord allows you to power your RV or charge your electric car from a standard household outlet.
  • The extension cord is very flexible. Heat-resistant PVC sheath that protects against wear and tear while also shielding it from the elements.
  • NEMA 14-50R and NEMA 14-50P: dual male (NEMA 14-50P) and female connections are included. Rated for 12500 watts and 125/250 volts. 6/3 plus 8/1-gauge wires for improved conductivity. It is made of 100% copper.
  • The PowerGrip handle helps users grasp, plug, and unplug the male and female ends without straining or damaging the cable.
  • 90-Degree Heads: Assist in the reduction of tension and stress on the extension cord and connection.
  • Simple Transporting and Organized Storage: The adjustable cord organizer and carrying strap handle make transporting and storing after each use simple.
  • The product is certified for usage in both the United States and Canada.

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SKU ext004
21.1 lbs
16 × 16 × 15 in
Cable length, ft
Enclosure Material
Heavy-duty flame retardant, heat resistant PVC sheath
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Camco is a brand that offers extension cables for electric cars. Camco products are in high demand and have positive reviews from customers- which make it one of the best chargers on the market. The company specializes in RVing, boating, camping, towing, tailgating and more. Camco makes quality products that are reliable and durable for all your outdoor needs!

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Extension cord for EVs

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