Lectron Level 2 Portable EV Charger 6.1kW (240 Volt, 21ft/6.4m Cord, 32 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug, J1772

Сompact device. The light weight makes it easy to transport.

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Jun 22, 2024 9:15 AM
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  • This device is made to provide EV charging in a quick and simple process. It’s small and sturdy, making it ideal for everyday use at home. The extra-long 21ft cable allows it to go almost anywhere. To charge using Level 2, you may connect it to a 240V outlet.
  • All-in-one cable – this charging cable is compatible with all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars that use the J1772 charging standard. It’s ideal for individuals who own more than one electric vehicle or have facilities for EV charging on their premises.
  • The LED indicator lights on the charging cable show you where your automobile is across three distinct charging levels, allowing you to keep track of how far away from a full charge it is. It lets you know if there’s a problem if one is discovered so that you can address it right away.
  • The Lectron 240V 32 Amp Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charger with 21ft cord J1772 cable and NEMA 14-50 Plug is constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials that can endure a long time. It protects users from shock and safety while charging in wet circumstances.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with one of Lectron products, please contact the manufacturer and it will do everything possible to correct the situation. You will receive a refund or a new item if the manufacturer is unable to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. There will be no questions asked. When you buy items from evadept.com, you will receive a manufacturer’s warranty.One year warranty.

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Lectron is a company that provides high-quality goods to customers, and believes in the importance of the guarantee. Lectron purchases the best EV chargers you will get not only devices tested by reviews, but also a reliable guarantee from the manufacturer. You can buy new items or second-hand ones at affordable prices on its website.

It has been published in reviews about the portable EV chargers that are currently available. This product was created to be as efficient as possible, while also being easy to install and use.

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4 reviews for the Lectron Level 2 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 21ft Cab...

  1. Justin 2 years ago

    Pressing plus or minus for a prolonged time will adjust 32 amperes at 10, 13, or 16 amperes. To apply, press the long button once more. Worked fine. It charges our Nissan Leaf. Charger looks great.

  2. Jerry 2 years ago

    The EVSE looks well built. I wanted to buy EV charger with discounts. I highly recommend. It charges my Porsche Taycan all right. If you leave the car unlocked after it has been connected, you will not be allowed to remove a plug. After you insert the plug into an outlet, it will automatically become blocked. It will block again if it is not unlocked and blocked before you pull out the plug. If you leave the car unlocked while charging, you can block it, unlock the vehicle, and then pull the plug for fifteen seconds.

  3. Mathew 2 years ago

    The charger looks reasonably priced. It charges my EV great. It contains connection information, displays counting hours and ammeters, as well as a watt hour-meter. This allows me to see the power of current and the kW that are being sent to the battery block. This data is invaluable for people like me. It allows us to see how many watts were sent at a given time.

  4. Mick year ago

    It performs exactly as described on my Nissan Leaf. The charge speed was noticeably faster than the one I received when I purchased a car. Now, I can get up every morning knowing my car is fully charged.

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