PRIMECOM Level 2 Portable EV Charger NEMA 10-30P Plug, 3kw, 220/240V, 16A, 50ft/15m Cord

Convenient cable length. LED display.

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  • Multi-pointed, comprehensive evaluations have been carried out on all of PRIMECOM level 2 chargers to guarantee quality and safety precautions. The TUV Security Certification, CE and UL certification, Long Cable Certifications from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), as well as 12 other built-in safety features including lightning-proof, watertightness protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, UL94V-0 flame resistance rating, IP55 waterproof. It also includes a control box with LED charge status indicators.
  • Unlike other chargers, PRIMECOMTECH’s smart charging electronics circuitry-intelligent Chip & software are designed in the United States.
  • When you order the PRIMECOMTECH products on, we’ll give your guarantee a go and offer free consultations at every turn.
  • The PRIMECOMTECH EV Chargers use the data connection port to receive 6 distinct types of information from your EV, including ambient and battery temperature, current battery level, battery capacity, and other parameters to guarantee that the voltage is adjusted automatically.

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SKU prmc1030
11.82 lbs
12 × 12 × 4 in
NEMA 10-30
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
TV German Equipment and Product Safety Certification, CEcertifications, UL Listed Cable Certifications
1 year
Manufacturer info

PRIMECOM EV chargers are rightfully considered a favorite among the owners of electric cars. When buying these products you have the opportunity not only to buy cheap, but also to ask for free advice from customer service. PRIMECOM has been committed to creating the most reliable and affordable charging solutions for electric vehicles on the market today. The company produces high-quality products that meet all industry standards with its innovative battery management system, which provides added safety for drivers. PRIMECOM’s dedication to innovation helps it remain at the forefront of this rapidly advancing technology and enables it to offer some of the best EV chargers available today. The manufacturer is preparing to launch extension cables for electric cars, which will make it easier than ever before!

PRIMECOM offers its own range of EV chargers, as well as universal ones that can be used with any car model. The company produces both types in accordance with international standards and norms in order to provide customers with high-quality goods at affordable prices.

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Level 2 EV charger

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5 reviews for the PRIMECOM Level 2 Portable EV Charger NEMA 10-30P Plug, ...

  1. Gerald 2 years ago

    This charger is perfect for my Porsche Taycan. This charger charges Porsche Taycan faster. The charger is wired to both my 30-amp socket (and the 10-30 outlet). We can get the most from our car knowing that it will charge in less than 12 hours.
    Because the cable is so long, it is not necessary to install new sockets.

    This device was easy to charge. I was constantly worried about charging with my Porsche Taycan Charger.

  2. Matt 2 years ago

    This charging station works great. My EV charged up faster last night than the 110-volt factory block, which I used.
    She is very beautiful. While I don’t know how fast this device charged my car but I can tell you that it was much faster. It charges my car at least three times faster. My experience is that you should charge your EV to 70%. This will increase the battery’s service life. It is easy to attach and remove. This is much simpler than the factory device. This charger is amazing!

  3. Clinton J year ago

    I was interested in EVSE Level 2 for my Volkswagen ID.
    This ad received only two responses at the time. I browsed through the other products sold by this company and found everything I was looking for. I decided to order this product. Everything went very smoothly.

    This kit comes with an adapter that is compatible for between 14-50p. It measures approximately a foot in length and has a connector with a swirling lock at the end.

    My purchase was, as you can see, very satisfying. He now charges me for my Volkswagen ID.

  4. Fred G year ago

    It worked exactly as described. After installation, I ran into a problem. Although the charger worked as advertised it had a problem with electricity. I expected the price to be slightly lower. Although it was tempting to give him 5 stars for his efforts, I didn’t think it was worth the cost.

  5. Brandon year ago

    Everything seems to be working so far. It is currently being used to track my Volkswagen ID.4 for over a month. This product can be connected to an outlet.

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