Iron Forge 3 Outlets 10 AWG Extension Cord 3-Prong, SJTW, 50ft, Heavy Duty, NEMA 5-15, 3 Prong Grounded Plug for Safety, 15 AMP, 125 V, 1875 Watt


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May 23, 2022 9:56 AM


  • Indoor and outdoor use – This is an extension cord with multiple uses. It’s ideal for gardening, landscaping, or powering any home appliance.
  • 3 outlets. Water-resistant – Cables are protected from moisture, abrasion, and sunlight by a flexible vinyl covering.
  • Prongs are protected from bending or breaking by reinforced blades. 10 gauge 3-wire grounded, 100 foot, 15 amp, 125 volt, 1875 watt, 5-15P/R, UL Listed. -40°F to +140°F is the temperature range.
  • When the power is on, illuminated outlets inform you. Slip-resistant construction.
  • Iron Forge Cable’s extension cords come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase.
  • You can order equipment from or directly from the manufacturer to receive a limited warranty. The manufacturer will replace anything that goes wrong with this item for life.

Indoor and outdoor use with the tangle-resistant flat design.

  • 10 gauge heavy duty wire
  • The voltage is 125 volts at this time, 15 amp, this is a standard 1875 watt unit that can be used in most homes.
  • UL Listed
  • Designed in the United States by a veteran-owned company.

When the power is on, the female end of the cord lights up to let you know.

Yes, you can use an extension cable with a Tesla EV charger, but make sure that the extension cable is of the same amperage rating as the charger. Using an extension cable that has a lower amperage rating than the charger could damage the charger and/or the vehicle. The following are the EV charging extension cables that we’ve tested.

This product is suitable for a variety of charging equipment. Along with this product, other customers often buy another heavy duty extension cord, which has a safety certificate, for charging electric cars.

EV Adept has a review of other EV extension cords, like Iron Forge extension cord.

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SKU ext10if1
Brand Iron Forge Cable
Manufacturer Iron Forge Cable
Manufacturer info
PartNumber: IFC-103Y100P

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2 reviews for the IRON FORGE CABLE Iron Forge 3 Outlets 10-Gauge Extensio...

  1. Marty M

    This cable was purchased to connect to a charger for Chevy Bolt. It can also be used to power an Electric Turkey Fryer. This was a cable that could handle a heavy load. The product was excellent. This cable is sturdy and very heavy. I can use it for all my power tools.

  2. Josh

    This item was purchased to be used with my inverter during interrupted power. I had to replace the end on the outside in order to prevent an accidental shutdown. The cord is durable and well-made. It was approved by UL and it was very affordable. It is well isolated and has a fork and an outdoor thumb.

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