Morec Level 2 and Level 13.6/7.2kW Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 26ft/8m Cord, 16/32 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug

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  • Warm reminder: If you purchased a button-style 16/32 Amp switchable charger, it is a 16/32 Amp switchable charger. Otherwise, it is a 32Amp non-switchable charger. The warehouse is mixed at random. Charging speed will be six times faster with a 32Amp charging device than with a Level 1 charger of the same size. Around the outlet, you may park your vehicle to a distance of 26ft (7.9 meters).
  • Morec provide three-phase, 24V/12A electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This EV charger is made of High Strength ABS, which offers superior quality and long life. Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, leaking protection, overheating prevention, waterproofing to IP65 standards.
  • Most electric cars that meet SAE J1772 standard are compatible with this EV chargers, which is different from conventional EV charging stations. These goods have received CE and FCC approval, as well as high quality.
  • When you’re on the road or visiting relatives and friends, you don’t have to be concerned about charging because Morec chargers may be carried with the vehicle and all charging information can be seen via a large LCD screen on the charger. All you need is a NEMA 14-50 outlet connected to a 220 V -240 V NEMA 14-50 wall outlet.

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SKU mor1450a
8.8 lbs
19.8 × 15.9 × 3.5 in
1, 2
120, 240
NEMA 14-50
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
-22°F ~ + 122°F
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Morec is a company that specializes in electric vehicle chargers. With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, Morec has created EV chargers to help reduce carbon emissions and make our roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. When deciding whether or not to purchase these products, look for positive reviews and recommendations from those who have used them before you.

Morec products are easy to install and provide a cost effective solution for electric vehicle charging. Morec offers high-quality EVSEs, Level 1 and 2 portable EV chargers, as well as power supplies for residential and commercial use.

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Level 2 EV charger

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5 reviews for the Morec Level 2 and Level 1 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt...

  1. Kyle 2 years ago

    I have a Volkswagen ID. It charges very quickly. It charges in less than 4 hours. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the MOREC client service and the charging cables.

  2. Chad 2 years ago

    EVSE was used six months. It arrived in good time and without additional costs. It is able to work in a heated garage. This is not unusual. Excellent device, excellent customer service! It is a great device and I would buy it again. It was possible that the motherboard was overheated, or there were wiring issues.

  3. Derek J 2 years ago

    My Audi E-Tron can travel 46 miles with one charge. The Audi E-Tron’s first charger did not work. It takes approximately 9 hours to fully charge a battery. A Morac level 2 charger charges a 55-mile battery in 3 hours. It is a shame that I didn’t buy this charger before purchasing my van.

  4. Rob 2 years ago

    Kia Niro EV is my car. It works perfectly with him. It’s more reliable than the original charger. The charger’s operation is clearly displayed on the LCD screen. It was affordable and connected to a standard 50-ampere 220-volt outlet. It is my favorite charger and it comes at a great price. It has served me well for many months.

  5. Gabriel year ago

    Your Hyundai Kona can be charged at night from my home. To fully charge a car, the charger it comes with is needed for several days. The charging process charges Hyundai Kona in just 6 hours. This saved me a lot.
    I can easily charge in the rain or sun on the streets.
    Everyone who owns an electric vehicle I recommend it highly.

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