Generac Inverter Generator G0071540 GP3300i

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  • Inverter technology offers the best performance while providing minimal sound production. The Power Inverter is quiet and efficient. The Economy mode adjusts engine speed automatically to save gas and reduce noise pollution.
  • Electrical conductivity is improved by 50 percent, resulting in greater starting capacity. When you need more power, the Electrical Conductivity Boosting Technology activates and boosts electrical current for up to two times above rated output when starting electric motors.
  • The lightweight and compact design with a built-in handle makes transporting it simple. Generator Status Lights – visual alerts when unit is low on oil, overloaded or ready to use
  • Clean, constant power is available from TruePower Technology. For delicate electronics, tools, and appliances, it’s ideal. You may connect two GP3300i inverter generators in parallel for twice the power (parallel kit not included).
  • Off, Run, and Choke: this single dial has three operation settings integrated. USB Ports to charge cellphones and tablet

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SKU gen001
59.5 lbs
22.2 × 13.3 × 18.4 in
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Generac is an international manufacturer that specializes in the production of inverter generator systems. They are a popular brand among owners of electric cars and their generators have been featured on lists for best EV chargers. Their GP3300i inverter with PowerRush technology delivers over 50% more starting power, which means you can do more with less!

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Portable generator

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