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This Tesla mobile connector adapter will provide 16 amps of power to your electric vehicle when plugged into a NEMA 6-20 outlet. With the Tesla mobile charger adapters, you’ll be able to charge your car at 3.84 kilowatts of power. This Tesla UMC adapter is designed to be connected to 240 volts and should have a circuit breaker of at least 20 amps.

The 240 volt electric vehicle charger is designed to be plugged into a NEMA 6-20 receptacle. With the Universal Mobile Connector, the charger will provide 16 amps of power to the electric vehicle. This will allow you to charge your electric vehicle quickly and easily. If you are looking for a 240 volt adapter that will plug into a Tesla NEMA 6-20 adapter, this is the one you need. Make sure your circuit breaker is at least 20 amps, and enjoy the convenience of being able to charge your car right at home.

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Tesla is a company that provides products for electric cars. Tesla offers products such as NEMA 6-20 adapters, which are favored by owners of electric cars. The company's gen 2 NEMA adapters are in demand and this brand is often found on lists of best EV chargers. One of the most important product lines they have are Tesla Mobile Charger that make it possible to charge your car at home. These adapters have been proven by many reviews and recommendations to be of high quality and capable of powering up an electric vehicle just as well as any other more expensive adapter on the market today.

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Tesla NEMA 6 20 adapter for UMC

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3 reviews for the NEMA 6-20 adapter for Tesla Mobile Connector gen 2

  1. Seth year ago

    This adapter does not get hot and withstands the voltage. I use it with a 6-20 outlet and the charger works much faster than a regular outlet. It fits well to my universal mobile connector gen 2.

  2. Ruben year ago

    The elasticity of the short cable is similar to the proprietary adapter, so is the quality. Robust. It holds firmly in the charger. I recommend it for UMC owners.

  3. Jay year ago

    I already had a 6-20 outlet installed and I’m happy with the charging speed, so this adapter came in handy. The quality of the adapter is original. The elasticity and tightness of the contacts is on par with the proprietary adapter. If you have TMC previous version, read all the reviews.

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