EVCARS ZENCAR Level 1 Portable EV Charger 1.92 kW (120Volt, 20ft/6m Cable, 12 Amp) NEMA 5-15 Plug, Timing Delay

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by EV Adept


  • The EV charger measures 25 feet in length and can be fitted into most garages and driveways. The NEMA 5-15 plug can be used to charge at 110V. It can be connected to a 110V socket to charge at level 1.
  • The charging cable’s LED indicator shows where your car is at each of the three charging levels. It will notify you if something is wrong so that you can fix it immediately
  • The specifications for EV charger level 1 include: Input power of 110V AC, Voltage range between 110V AC and 264V AC. Frequency: 60Hz. Maximum current: 6A8A10A12A16A. Cable length: 25ft. Plug: NEMA5-15. Working temperature: -30C (-22F to 50C) to +122F.
  • Smart power saving and a reasonable arrangement of your charging times-make your electric vehicle more affordable.
  • EVCARS will do his best to resolve any problems with these products. The Brand team will refund your entire purchase if they are unable to solve the problem.

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EVCARS is a manufacturer of EV chargers. The company's products are published in our Comparison chart, which includes the company's most popular product, NEMA 14-50 EV charger. Audi e-tron drivers can purchase their products on Alibaba.

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4 reviews for the EVCARS ZENCAR Level 1 Portable EV Charger 1.92 kW (120V...

  1. Harry 2 years ago

    Excellent. My chain works stable. It doesn’t consume any current from other chains. It can be used as an emergency charger and is therefore convenient.

  2. Devin 2 years ago

    After carefully examining a variety of similar products, I decided that this was the one for me. I received it quickly, and it was much quicker than my original charger.
    An advantage is also a smaller OLED screen.
    You can easily adjust the timer or current strength.
    Although the device is amazing, he only worked with me for a week. The product’s effectiveness will be determined by long-term evaluation.

  3. Erick 2 years ago

    The 40 A model has a heavier and thicker cord that makes it less portable. It’s still great to be able charge the battery at its full power 40A if you have the right power supply chain.
    The product’s ability to charge at a slower speed than my existing wiring meant that I ordered it. It saves my settings, even during power outages.

  4. Luke year ago

    Even if your 32a doesn’t work, this charger is good. American-made charger that works well.

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