Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3, 48 Amp, 18 ft

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by EV Adept
May 28, 2024 4:15 AM
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  • The ground monitor interrupter offers the installer a variety of early monitoring options. Wall Connector automatically detects and repairs faults in the presence of a safe earth connection.
  • The Tesla Wall Connector constantly monitors temperatures in many locations while charging to guarantee that the charge session is stable. The temperature of the wires in the box is monitored by thermistors at the relays, microcontroller, charge handle, and rear of the main unit.
  • Install Wall Connectors in locations where the ambient temperature will not exceed 50°C (122°F). In rare cases, Wall Connector may begin to cut power at 35°C (95°F) ambient temperatures. Changes to current are made automatically and do not need user intervention; when temperatures drop, Wall Connector will return to its starting current.
  • In addition, the Wall Connector supports Wi-Fi to communicate with local site routers, cars, cellphones, and other Tesla devices.
  • A WPA2-protected, 2.4 GHz, 802.11 Wi-Fi access point network is provided by the Wall Connector for commissioning and connecting to other devices. On the back of the main unit, a label with the unique SSID Wi-Fi network name and WPA2 password for connecting to the Wall Connector is printed, as well as on the front cover of the Quickstart Guide included in the package.
  • A central Wi-Fi network or a local Wi-Fi network can be used to connect the Connecting Wall Connector. It may receive over-the-air firmware upgrades, remote diagnostics access, and usage data tracking features when connected to a local Wi-Fi network. Authentication, billing, and other property administration functions require a Wi-Fi connection.
  • When a vehicle is charging using the Wall Connector, if there is a power outage while it charges, the charging will automatically resume after power has been restored for 1 to 3 minutes. To indicate that it is in communication with the car and waiting to resume charging, the Wall Connector will glow a solid blue light on its faceplate.
  • Alternatively, pressing the charge handle’s button after power has been restored will immediately resume charging.
  • To enhance the user experience and introduce new features, firmware updates will be applied automatically to the Wall Connector. For access to the most up-to-date firmware upgrade, connect the Wall Connector to Wi-Fi.
  • The RCD Type A with Built-in RCD and DC 6mA is included in the Wall Connector. The advantage of this protection is that you don’t have to use RCD Type B when installing Gen 3 Wall Connectors; consult your local regulations on the type of breaker needed.
  • AC ground fault interruption is used to detect an AC current difference between power delivery conductors, suggesting that electricity is flowing through the ground wire. The 20 mA AC fault protection will trip.
  • DC earth fault interruption automatically detects DC leakage through earth. DC fault protection will trip at 6 mA.
  • User interaction such as pressing the cable button or unplugging from vehicle is required to clear this fault. If the fault persists, have an electrician check your power supply.

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Tesla is a renowned electric car company. With its products, Tesla has made electric cars more accessible for the public and helped make green energy an easier option for people who are environmentally conscious. Tesla's home charger is one of the most convenient charging solutions out there. It can power-share to maximize existing electrical capacity, automatically distributing power to charge multiple cars simultaneously. The Wall Connector also provides a more powerful way of charging your vehicle than using a standard plug and outlet at home or in other locations like hotels or offices - which helps save time on long journeys as well!

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6 reviews for the Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3, 48 Amp, 18 ft

  1. Caleb 2 years ago

    48 amps is enough for charging my 75 kW electric car overnight . If your traveling, the Supercharger is a good option.

  2. Trevor 2 years ago

    The thin cable on the new version was a big hit with me. The TWC puts out 48 amps as my maximum incoming voltage. My cousin owns an older Tesla Dual Motor model, so the incoming power limit is 80 amps. This means that some drivers will prefer the older model. It’s not easy to find it in stock every day. I’m aware that many drivers are switching to alternative chargers for their Tesla wall connectors with the J1772 connector, adapter and connector.

  3. Randy 2 years ago

    This charger will not allow you to charge guest cars parked nearby the garage. The cable length has been cut even further (from 24 feet to 18 feet). I was a bit jealous of the 50-foot cable on my friend’s charger.

  4. Nat 2 years ago

    Two Tesla cars now, the first one i bought two years ago. Why would you want to search for another TESLA car if you already own a TESLA vehicle? Future proof of the car’s charging evolution.

  5. Louis 2 years ago

    This was the last version of wall connector. The cable is now shorter but also thinner and more militant. It is now easier and smaller to install. He now has Wi-Fi capabilities that will allow for future integration with Tesla Energy products.

  6. Terry year ago

    The cable was made shorter, now it is 18 feet instead 24 feet. The charger came with Model 3 and i use it 20 feet. Sometimes, however, i wish the cable was longer.

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