Tesla Gen 1 High Power Wall Connector Charger 24ft Long

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  • Power outages – If there is a power outage, the High Power Wall Connector will resume charging as soon as electricity is restored.
  • Optional circuit ratings – For 40 to 100 amp breakers, you may change the high-power wall connector’s current mode.
  • Self-monitoring and recovery – The Ground Monitoring Circuit in the High Power Wall Connector monitors for a secure ground connection and automatically cures faults.

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SKU twc001
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 3.7 × 6.22 × 15 in
Brand Tesla
Manufacturer Tesla
Level 2
Voltage 240
Amperage 12, 16, 24, 32, 40, 64, 80
Cable length, ft 24
Waterproof Type 3R
Working temperature -22°F to 113°F
Wall/Stand Wall
Hardwired Yes
Weight 20
Certificate UL listed under file number E351001, FCC Part 15
Warranty 1 year
Wi-Fi No
Manufacturer info

Tesla is an American automotive and energy company that specializes in electric cars, energy storage systems, solar panels and tesla home chargers. The company was named after Nicola Tesla, who is most well known for their production of the first modern alternating current (AC) electrical system. The company was founded by Elon Musk who remains the CEO to this day. In addition to producing vehicles, Tesla also produces battery packs for its electric vehicles, operates a network of high-speed chargers that can charge up battery packs within an hour or two)

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