Parkworld 50ft/15.24m Welder Extension Cable, 50A, NEMA 6-50, STW 8AWG Welding 3-Prong Extension Cable for EV charger

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  • UL and cUL certified and listed, Heavy-duty Welder with 100% copper conductor inside.
  • Welder 3-prongs NEMA 6-50 lighted connector right-angle, 50 Amp / 250 Voltage.
  • STW 8AWG/3C stranded wire extension cable supports up to 40 amps overload, maximum rate 1000 Watt (250V).
  • The mold is molded using electroplate copper terminals to stop surface oxidation.
  • universal to all Other Brands 6-50 Welding Equipment 3pole.
  • Length: 50 feet
  • UL authorized for each PVC wires that are part of UL the 62 standard. It is additionally UL or ETL certified for the majority of the connectors in UL 817 standard.
  • Manufacturers focus on making power cords and molding NEMA plugs or connectors. A majority of them utilize NEMA connectors as well as plugs that we can make using PVC cable.
  • The identical warranty when you purchase this item from the manufacturer or
  • Perfect to connect your generator with an EV charger, or to other devices that you prefer.
  • Connect Wiring 50A, 3 conductors with 6-50R power supply to the plug.
  • The cable that is used in all the products of the manufacturer is made of 100% copper wire.
  • You can obtain a product that is unique to your specifications. It is possible to explain to the manufacturer which plug fits in what is the receptacle you want and what length would like. Do not fret about the quantity you require, even if you require only a particular one that isn’t available to buy in stores.

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SKU ext65002
NEMA 6-50
Cable length, ft
UL & cUL approved and Listed
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Parkworld is an experienced producer of America standard power cords they manufacture the majority of NEMA plugs and receptacles. (All of them have UL approved).

Their market is centered on North American, especially the link between recreational Vehicle Generator, Marine, and welding.

The extension cord ideal for EV charging generator. It will make charging an electric vehicle is much easier.

The line of products includes the extension cord power adapter cord, adapter, and replaceable connector.

The manufacturer, in conjunction with retailers, can sometimes hold sales on extension cords for car charger that offer great discounts.

Safety and quality is the top priority in Parkworld products.

Manufacturer is interested in collaborating with your respected company to establish a long-term working relationship.

Any power supply that is required is to be sent to Parkworld The brand team will provide products and support for you.

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Extension cord for EVs

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