Miady Extension Cable 50AMP, 25ft/7.62m, 8 Gauge NEMA 6-50 Cable with Lighted End, ETL Approved, Heavy Duty Industrial Cord for EV charger

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  • Ideal for industrial heavy duty use, and compatible with all welders available like: Miller Millermatic welders, Lincoln Power MIG series welders Hobart Handler, Ironman and Betamig welders, Century welders etc.
  • StW-style jacket, 8 AWG (American wire gauge) 3C copper wires that have a 6-50 NEMA connector and plug that are designed for performance that is heavy-duty.
  • The clear end receptacles that are lighted include a power indicator which indicates that power is turned on and the cord is prepared to use. This will give you the best performance and security.
  • A limited warranty for certain elements of the equipment is offered for both orders placed through evadept.com as well as on the website of the manufacturer.
  • The 25-foot heavy duty welding machine cord has length enough to allow you to move your welding machine across the workshop and closer to the welding piece to make it easier for you.
  • The company provides friendly and 24 hours a day customer service and support for Miady items for an additional 18-month period. Contact us for more information. our team of brand representatives.
  • With a rating of 40 A, 250 V and 25 feet, the machine has outstanding resistance to abrasion, moisture, and oil resistance, and flexibility to increase the length of the length of the welding device. This model is not compatible with the standard outlets used in homes.

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SKU ext65005
11 lbs
NEMA 6-50
Cable length, ft
18 months
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Miady is a team that is committed to continually improving our services by providing our customers with top quality products and outstanding service.

Take 240v extension cord for electric car into consideration as a safe investment as proven by the dozens of favorable reviews from EV Adept customers.

Over the years, the brand team has been hard at work to give customers an improved experience. They they are dedicated to providing high-quality products to clients from across the globe.

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Extension cord for EVs

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