LifeSupplyUSA 10 AWG Extension Cord 3-Prong, 200ft, Heavy Duty, Nema 5-15, 5-20

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by EV Adept
Apr 20, 2024 2:15 AM
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  • Extension cord with sufficient power: 10 Amps, 125 Volts, 1250 Watts
  • 1-pack Extension Cord, 10 gauge / 10/3 AWG SJTW 3-prongs, 200 ft length, Indoor/Outdoor Heavy-Duty is a good value.
  • Extension cords are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. LifeSupplyUSA Extension cords may be used for holiday lights, heavy-duty tasks, circular saws, including drills, hammer drills, gardening, wet/dry vacuums, lawn mowers, compressors, musical equipment, landscaping and more.
  • Take care of yourself: When the power is on, a lighted end indicates! This extension cord’s bright PVC jacket color makes it very visible, making it ideal for work/construction use, at home, and in the office.
  • Additional warranty for installation work of charging equipment is available at no additional charge for up to five years. Orders can be made at

This SJT Lighted End Extension Cord features a lighted end, as well as 3 different lengths! LifeSupplyUSA offers the 15 Amp, 125 Volt, 1875 Watt, Super Heavy Duty Outdoor Jacket. This is a high-quality replacement part from LifeSupplyUSA that is only available through them. The trademarks, names, and logos of any other companies are the property of their respective owners. This product is only meant to be compared to other products based on brands or models.  Here are the approved extension cords for EV chargers.

If you are looking for the longest possible extension cord that will work with a nema 5-20 outlet, then you should look for one that is rated for 10-20 amps. Keep in mind that even if you find an extension cord that is rated for 20 amps, it may not be as long as you would like it to be. So, if length is a concern, be sure to measure the distance between the outlet and the appliance or device you want to plug in before you buy an extension cord. This item is compatible with a wide range of charging equipment. Buyers frequently buy the outdoor extension cord for EV chargers together with it, which has a safety certification.

Read the LifeSupplyUSA extention cord review on the EV Adept website and choose the best extention cable from the site.

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SKU ext10lsu1
Yellow Jacket
Coleman Cable
Manufacturer info
For all of your power needs, the brand offers heavy-duty extension cords in a variety of lengths to fit your requirements! They may be used to power major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers as well as tools, holiday light displays, and more!
Product info
Extension cord for EVs

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8 reviews for the Yellow Jacket LifeSupplyUSA 10-Gauge Extension Cord 10/...

  1. Tyson 2 years ago

    My yard is quite large. My large yard has a 200-foot cable that can reach the sockets in my garage. It was necessary for me to connect my electric vehicle.

  2. Josh year ago

    It works perfectly and charges my car. The label states that the car was made in America. He is actually made in China. Although it is listed as 10/3, in reality it is 10/2 with grounding.

  3. Donald year ago

    To power our car, we purchased this cord and a 100-foot version. These cords are made from 10 caliber wire which can withstand a 30-ampered load. They are also very durable and have a high-quality design. These cords are perfect for powering portable generators. They are superior to the cheap, disposable chlip cords you can buy in stores.

  4. Tom year ago

    Superior quality, strength, and durability. It is durable, reliable and affordable for charging your electric car. You may find that a shorter length is sufficient. High quality wire material is available.

  5. Kristopher year ago

    It is of excellent quality. Although it is heavy, the 100 foot 10 caliber can transmit 20 amperes over such a long distance. Although the material is soft enough for coil wounding, it appears strong enough to last a while.

  6. Stephen year ago

    It isn’t easy to find the best extensionist! This is the only brand I’ll buy to charge my car.

  7. Luke year ago

    These are great if you have to travel long distances but still need energy. We purchased a small amount to charge our car.

  8. Jay year ago

    This cord was purchased to transport my house current from the garage to my house so I could inflict my Nissan Leaf. He has been a great help so far!

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