LEFANEV Level 2 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 25ft/7.6m Cord, 32 Amp) NEMA 14-50, 7.68KW

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  • When you’re on the road or going out of your house, you don’t have to worry about charging again because the Lefanev EV chargers can be carried with the car and every charging data can be checked on a big LCD screen. All you need is a NEMA 14-50 outlet to connect. The optimal voltage is 220V-250V, with a maximum range of 100V-250V.
  • The LEFANEV Level 2 portable EV charging station is made of high-strength abs plastic that will not be crushed by your car, LEFANEV electric vehicle charger offers 6 important safety features, including stable and secure charging.
  • LEFANEV EV Charging Level 2 (220-250V, 32A,25ft) Portable EVSE Home Electric Vehicle Charger is an eight times faster than other electric car charges you’ve used. LEFANEV EV Chargers are SAE J1772 Compliant and compatible with the majority of plug-in vehicles that meet the SAE J1772 standard. Only for electric automobile charging, not for electric motorbikes.
  • The Acceptable Charge Level is usually 25-32 amps. It’s intelligently regulated to the finest current, so the current will fluctuate up and down depending on the existing that the electric vehicle can accept. If an electric car accepts 32 amps of charging, it might actually reach 32.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please feel free to contact the Brand customer support staff at any time. Replace Your EV’s charger if it has a problem or anything that isn’t meet your expectations within 30 days.

Additional information

SKU lef145032b
10.43 lbs
19.6 × 16 × 3.6 in
NEMA 14-50
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
-40°F to 158°F
2 years
Enclosure Material
Manufacturer info
PartNumber: PCD041_32A_NEMA14-50 Model: PCD041-32A-NEMA14-50 Warranty: Quality problem warranty 12 months from the date of purchase
Product info
Level 2 EV charger

Additional information

5 reviews for the LEFANEV Level 2 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 25ft Cab...

  1. Mick 2 years ago

    The EVSE was only used for four months. It was used daily to charge our Hyundai Kona. We noticed the indicator on our dashboard was not working. I sent a video of the problem to the seller. He said that the new EVSE was in development and that it is not necessary to return the old one. He offered to keep the parts if needed. This warranty is fantastic and easy! I hope the new one will last longer!

  2. Josh W 2 years ago

    We own a Volkswagen ID.4 vehicle. We used the 110 volts charger provided with our car for several weeks. The car was kept charged for quite a while. We then switched to the Lefanev charger. After a 100-mile journey in six hours, it charges Volkswagen ID.4 for over a month. Lefanev charger provides useful information such as voltage, amp consumption and used kilowatts. We also enjoy the time that is spent on the energy supply.

  3. Chrissy 2 years ago

    My charger arrived just a few days ago. I have already used it in my Nissan Leaf. It’s very sturdy and works perfectly.
    Only 8 kW per hour with 32 amperes

    The screen on the charger’s charging port is useful but too small for my liking.

    Although the charger’s durability is yet to be determined, it looks promising.

  4. Lawrence J 2 years ago

    It was better than I had expected. It is better than what it said. The charger charged my Kia Niro Electric EV three times faster. It can charge up to 32A which is quite fast. It can heat up to 8 kW per second on my car, but it should not be overheated. Highly recommended.

  5. Gary year ago

    My Ford Mustang Mach-E was charged by the charger. The charger was charged for almost the entire night. Although the charger requires a socket 14-50 it is well worth the money. It charged my car within a matter of hours. It was simple to connect to the outlet and it worked. The charger is sturdy and heavy. It made my life easier, as I can charge my car multiple times faster. It made my car more efficient.

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