Electrify America Level 2 EV Charging Station NEMA 14-50 Plug, 16 to 40 Amp (9.6 kW), 24-Foot/7.3m Cord, 240V, App Control, Remote Access, WiFi Enabled, Indoor/Outdoor

The unit can also be hardwired by a licensed electrician.

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by EV Adept
May 28, 2024 2:15 AM
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  • The Electrify America Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger is compatible with all current US electric vehicles.
  • The Electrify Home HomeStation Level 2 EV Charger is a powerful and versatile charger that is UL certified and Energy Star certified. The charger is also SAE-J1772 compliant, meaning it can charge any US electric vehicle.
  • The charger also features scheduled charging and OTA updates.
  • With the ability to charge at 40 amps, it is one of the quickest chargers on the market.
  • The charger is also WiFi ready with app control. With the Electrify America app, you can manage your charger remotely, start and stop charging, and get notifications and reminders.
  • The HomeStation Level 2 home charger comes with an easy-to-install NEMA 14-50 supply power plug, which is compatible with the 240 volt outlets commonly found in households.
  • The unit can also be hardwired by a licensed electrician.
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty (Parts only). When you order from evadept.com, you automatically get a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The weatherproof enclosure allows for indoor or outdoor installation.

Introducing HomeStation: the easy-to-use, reliable Level 2 EV charger that gives you the control you deserve at home.
HomeStation is a flexible charger that can deliver up to 9.6kW of power at 40 amps, making it perfect for charging capable electric vehicles. It can be configured for amperage levels between 16A, 32A, and 40A, so you can tailor it to your specific needs.
HomeStation can be installed in two ways: HomeStation comes with a standard NEMA 14-50 plug, which is compatible with most electric dryer power circuits. Or, if you want to leave it to the professionals, we can also be hardwired by a licensed and qualified electrician. Please note, only licensed, qualified electricians should hardwire HomeStation.
The NEMA 3R enclosure protects your charger so you can mount it inside or outside*. And our 24-foot long cable makes it easy to plug in your car no matter where the charger is mounted.
So if you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use Level 2 EV charger, HomeStation is the perfect choice. Give yourself the control you deserve at home with HomeStation.

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Audi e-tron drivers are some of the company's best customers. That's because they're always looking for ways to recharge their vehicles as quickly as possible. And the company's Fastest EV charger does just that. It's the most popular Audi E-tron level 2 charger on our website, among buyers of the brand.

One of the company's main competitors is Shell. But Electrify America has a few things going for it that Shell doesn't. For one, Electrify America has a much larger network of charging stations. And its charging stations are also much faster than Shell's.

Audi e-tron drivers have come to rely on Electrify America for their quick and easy charging needs. And they're not the only ones. The company has a growing base of satisfied customers. In the coming years, Electrify America looks forward to continuing to serve the needs of drivers across the country.

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3 reviews for the Electrify Home Electrify America Level 2 Electric Vehic...

  1. Brandon S year ago

    I bought an electric car charger from Electrify America, and so far it’s been working great! I have a Porsche Taycan and the device has been working well for 10 months now. I have experienced some difficulties with spontaneous rebooting of the device, but other than that I’ve been very happy with it. I definitely agree with the reviews of other buyers – this is a great product!

  2. Brandon year ago

    If you’re in the market for an electric car charger, the Electrify America EV Charging Station is a great option. I bought one six months ago and it’s worked well for me, despite some difficulties with insufficient moisture protection. Overall, I agree with the reviews of other buyers. This level two charger is incredibly easy to use.

  3. Marc 2 months ago

    I bought an electric car charger from Electrify America and so far it’s been working great. I have a Tesla Model Y and it’s been working perfectly for the past 8 months. The only downside is that it doesn’t have great moisture protection, but other than that I’m very happy with the product.

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