Chevrolet Level 1 Portable 1.8 kW EV Charger, NEMA 5-15, 120V

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  • Convenient 25-ft. charge cable
  • Living the EV lifestyle. This handy Chevrolet Accessories 120 Volt Electric Vehicle Charging Unit will keep your car charged. Includes convenient 25-ft. charging cable.
  • Keeps your battery topped up and ready for action
  • You can charge wherever an outlet is located
  • The Chevrolet Accessories Portable 120V Electric Vehicle Charging Unit will keep your vehicle fully charged.

State Incentives

You may be eligible for savings depending on where you live. The state EV incentives can change at any time. For the most current information, check your state website. Talk to your electricity provider for additional savings and rebates.

Available at home 240-Volt/32 Amp charging unit.

It offers up to 25 miles per hour of charging time* and is the most recommended way to charge at your home (professional installation necessary).

Fast charging cost on the go available DC

Public use is possible. Offers up 100 miles range in just 30 minutes*

Home EV charging station installer level up

Chevrolet and Qmerit* provide easy access to home EV charger station installers who are accredited in your locality.

Top-off anytime

You can charge your battery at any time that suits you. You can charge at home between your daily runs, or while you’re on the move using a public charger. It’s like this: By the time you finish your cup of coffee, you and your Bolt Electric Vehicle will be energized.

Standard 120 Volt portable cord charge anywhere

It offers approximately 4 miles per hour of charging* and is great for overnight charging. Simply plug it in wherever there is a 3-prong outlet.

Additional information

SKU chevr1
4.85 lbs
20.38 × 10.38 × 6 in
NEMA 5-15
Cable length, ft
1 year
Manufacturer info

Chevrolet is a North American manufacturer and seller of a variety of vehicles. These range from small cars to large trucks for commercial use. Chevy Bolt EV Charger is a well-known brand and has been for many years. The name 'Chevrolet, Chevy', or 'Chevy’ can sometimes be used as a synonym of General Motors or its products. One example of this is the GM LS1 motor, which is commonly called the Chevrolet small-block engine or a variant thereof.

Chevrolet was founded in Detroit in 1911. It is available in over 80 countries and sold more than 3.2 Million cars and trucks in 2020. Chevrolet models are electric and fuel-efficient and offer engaging performance. They also have design that makes your heart beat, passive safety features, and easy-to use technology.

Product info
Level 2 EV charger
Technical info
Height: 6 Length: 20.38 Width: 10.38 Weight: 4.55 Maximum Amperage: 12 Body Color: Black Carry Handle: No Onboard Mounting: No Cooling Fan: No Rolling: No Packaging Quantity: 1 Voltage: 120 DC Case Material: Plastic Charging Configuration: Automatic

Additional information

5 reviews for the Chevrolet Level 1 Portable EV Charger, NEMA 5-15, 120V

  1. Erik year ago

    This charger charged my Chevy Bolt perfectly when I purchased it. This charger can only be used in properly grounded outlets. Extension cords cannot be used.

  2. Rand year ago

    Excellent cable that works well for my Chevrolet Bolt Electric Vehicle.

  3. Blake B year ago

    This Cable for Charging Chevrolet Bolt Electric Vehicle has been my favorite tool for many months.

  4. Jimmy W year ago

    Your next order will be definitely you. It is a great cable for Chevrolet Bolt Electric Vehicle. They also provide excellent customer service. We are grateful.

  5. Bobby J year ago

    It arrived just in time! Excellent seller Cable works fine. Cable is very durable, long-lasting, and flexible. My purchase was excellent and I am very satisfied with it.

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