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How to estimate the charging time of a Volkswagen ID 4 and which charger to choose for maximum results

A unique formula that can calculate the charging rate of an electric car

Not sure how long it will take to charge your electric car? What factors affect its speed? In this article, we'll show you how to easily calculate how long it takes to charge your car using just two indicators.

Types of charging stations

There are two types of charging stations:

  • DC is a fast charging station that uses direct current.
  • AC is a slower charging station that uses alternating current.

What are the differences between AC Charging and DC Charging? Find out Can Fast charging beat home socket.

Depending on which charging station you're plugged into, charging can be:

  • slow, ranging from 5 to 8 hours;
  • semi-quick, is 1.5 to 3 hours;
  • fast, you can charge a car in as little as 15 minutes.

What does the charging time of the Volkswagen ID 4 electric car depend on?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is what capacity battery is in your electric car. Information on this can be found in the vehicle data sheet. Can't find the data sheet? Use our Volkswagen ID.4 charging time calculator, where you can find many electric car models. Simply select the desired make and you'll get an immediate answer on the battery. Battery capacity is defined in kilowatt hours.

The second, of course, is the operating capacity of your battery charger (EVSE). This can be determined by multiplying the power of the charging station by the voltage, and it's measured in amps.

Formula for calculating the charging time of a Volkswagen ID 4 electric car

Here it's time to reveal to you the unique formula for calculating the charging time figure of the Volkswagen ID 4 electric car. To do this, we only need two metrics:

Charging Time = Battery Capacity (kWh) x 1000 / EVSE Power (kW) x 1000

Let's look at this formula with an example. If the battery capacity is 65 kWh and the charging station is 6.5 kW, let's find the time to fully charge the electric car using our formula:

Time = 65 x 1000 / 6.5 x 1000 = 10 (hours)

This formula does not take into account the 10% loss and individual limitations of the charger, so the result can be considered approximate. If you use our calculator you will get the exact charging time.

How to choose a charger

Typically, electric car owners prefer to replenish the battery in their own garage and use a home charging station with a nema 14-50 plug. If you manage to buy a good charging station, it will be able to pick up the necessary power to recharge your car. For example, the most famous electric car Tesla, has its own device to connect the electrical circuits, but can also use J1772, connecting through an adapter.

Want to buy a Volkswagen charger for your electric car? Take the advice of a professional electrician.

Charging your car in an unsuitable place

Different connectors of electric car chargers make it difficult to charge them in unsuitable places. There is a solution to this problem, such as the J1772 adapter will allow you to plug any charger through it. If there is no outlet near where you park, or it is so far away that even an extension cord won't help, it is worth considering installing a stationary charger near the parking spot. Only a professional electrician can install the station.

Frequently Asked Questions

What affects the charging time of an electric car?

  • the battery capacity of an electric car;
  • charging capacity;
  • how much the battery is discharged;
  • the year of purchase of the battery;
  • environmental conditions;
  • limit of the electric car's charging unit.

What should be considered when calculating the charging time for an auto?

The most important indicators are battery capacity and different charging capacities.


Hopefully, the information was useful for you, now you know what circumstances affect the charging time of an electric car. And with the different configurations of the Volkswagen ID.4 charging time calculator you will be able to calculate on your own the cost of charging and the distance that the battery can last. There are other calculators on the site, and you'll appreciate the convenience of working with them.