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BMW i4 electric car charging calculator: calculate the cost online

The automated system will help you calculate the cost of charging your electric car regardless of the location: whether it is a garage or a network of charging stations. The BMW i4 charging cost calculator allows you to select any type of socket, as well as the type of charging station (Level-1 or Level-2).

The benefit of the automated system is to provide a cost comparison depending on the charging station. And importantly, it will answer the main question: "Where is more profitable to charge a BMW i4: at home or through a network charging station?".

BMW i4 charging cost calculator: for whom is it intended

The calculator will be useful for both experienced owners and newcomers who are planning to buy an electric car.

If the charge level of your electric car is almost zero, and you have doubts about whether the charge will be enough to the nearest charging station, this service is for you. The calculator will quickly and accurately calculate the charge price and allow you to drive to the charging point.

Main tasks of BMW charging cost calculator

The main feature of the calculator is simple functionality and intuitive interface. The 3 main tasks of the system:

  • Calculating charging time.
  • Determination of the most profitable network for powering the electric car.
  • Finding the exact cost of charging.

Technical capabilities

Electric cars have different port formats, so it's important to know where the charging stations with the right port are located. It's not always possible or a resource to go to such a station, so you should always have an adapter in your glove compartment to expand the list of available networks. In the future, the number of public charging stations will increase. Our website has an overview of the facts about the future of charging stations for electric cars.

Among the extras that should be in the driver's kit is an extension cable (in case the outlet is far away). In the case of a portable charger, its power depends on the outlet used. The best solution for the driver may be to install a stationary charger - this will provide maximum power. Expert advice on our website can help you choose a BMW charging station for your home.

About charging

Charging station networks often include 2 main types of charging:

  • Pay per kilowatt.
  • Paying for time in minutes.

Owners of an electric car with a large kilowatt capacity will find charging by the minute to be most beneficial. Keep in mind that some charging station networks charge for the session, as well as downtime after the completion of charging.

The calculator accurately calculates charging time from the home or public grid both before a full charge and when recharging to a certain limit.

In conclusion

Every owner will appreciate this service for its simplicity and efficiency. All processes are calculated in as much detail as possible. The calculator determines the charging price, intermediate charging time as well as the distance your BMW will drive at a certain battery level.

The BMW i4 charging cost calculator is as extensive as possible and different from its counterparts. We will help you save not only money but also, most importantly, time! See other types of calculators on the site and take advantage of all the innovations of the modern world.