Tesla Extension Cord 20ft, 48A for TWC, TMC (UMC) and Destination Chargers [NACS]

Now you can easily charge your Tesla even when the existing charger cord won’t quite reach.

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by Lectron
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Jun 22, 2024 7:15 AM
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  • Get the power you need with this cable. With 48A, 11.5kW, 240V of power, you can easily charge your Tesla from a distance.
  • Make charging convenient with this 20 ft extension cord. The heavy-duty, weatherproof design ensures safe outdoor use.
  • Compatible with all Tesla chargers HPWC (Destination), TWC (Wall Connector all gen.,), TMC (Mobile Connector all gen.)
  • Compatible with all Tesla vehicles (Model S, 3, X, Y) within North America.
  • 20 ft. extension is made with extra-heavy-duty cable for extremely high power requirements.
  • Ergonomic handles with a built-in button to unlock your charge port when finished charging.
  • Latching feature on the inlet connector to prevent accidental disconnection.
  • Keep your Tesla safe and reliable with this extension cord. It meets all safety standards and is designed for optimal performance.

The Lectron Tesla Extension Cord is the perfect solution for extending your Tesla charger. This heavy-duty extension cord adds an extra 20 ft to your Tesla charger, making it easier to reach and charge your Tesla. With a 48a, 240v, and 11.52 kw charging capacity, you can be sure of powerful charging.The Lectron Tesla Extension Cord is designed to be strong and durable, with weatherproof construction that ensures it is safe for outdoor use. Use this extension cord to charge your Tesla on the go. In addition, a carrying case is included for keeping your cable organized and stored safely.

The Lectron Tesla Extension Cord is compatible with all Tesla high powered wall connectors, all generations of destination chargers, and mobile connectors. Please note, this extension cord will not work with superchargers.

Make charging your Tesla easier with the Lectron Tesla Extension Cord. With powerful charging and a strong, durable construction, it is the ideal solution for extending your Tesla charger.

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Lectron is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions, transforming the way drivers charge their EVs.Since its inception, Lectron has been committed to making EV charging fast, easy, and affordable for all drivers. With its wide selection of EV charging stations, chargers, and adapters, Lectron is helping to eliminate range anxiety and compatibility issues for both Tesla and non-Tesla drivers. The Lectron Tesla Extension Cord is one of the company’s most popular products. It offers customers a reliable guarantee from the manufacturer, as well as a device that has been tested and reviewed by Tesla owners. With the Lectron Tesla Extension Cord, drivers can rest assured that they’ll be getting a product that is easy to install and use, and that will last for years to come. In addition to this Extension Cord, Lectron also offers a variety of other EV charging solutions, such as portable chargers, wall mounted chargers. These products are designed to make EV charging more accessible and convenient for drivers, so that they can charge their cars no matter where they are. Lectron is dedicated to helping drivers make the switch to electric vehicles and make their charging experience as seamless and reliable as possible. With its extensive selection of EV charging solutions, Lectron is helping drivers charge their cars faster, easier, and more affordably than ever before.
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Extension cord for EVs

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11 reviews for the Lectron Tesla Extension Cord 20ft, 48A for Wall Connect...

  1. Jonathon year ago

    I recently purchased the Tesla extension cable, and while it comes with quality materials, I was initially sceptical of its large diameter. After using it though, I noticed that the cable doesn’t heat up and it remains cool to the touch, which is great. Since I own two electric cars, this cable is irreplaceable for me. It just makes life so much easier, and I’m glad I made the purchase.

  2. Randall year ago

    The cable has a large diameter and does not heat up, which is great, but the fact that you have to press the car dashboard to open and leave it is a huge problem for me. The quality of the materials is good.

  3. Bill year ago

    This Lecton cable is solid and heavy. The only issue I have is that you can’t disconnect the cable from the charging port without stopping charging first. This is something you have to do through the app. Other than that, it’s a great, reliable product and a must-have for any Tesla owner.

  4. Mark year ago

    Very heavy. Sturdy. But I wouldn’t risk using it on a Supercharger.

  5. Ronald year ago

    Comes in a case. It is larger in diameter than my 40 amp charger cable. I don’t use it that often so it’s not a problem with the lack of a button. I like Lectron products.

  6. Cal year ago

    The cable comes in a sturdy case and is larger in diameter than my HPWC cable, which is great for me since I only use it occasionally. I’m a fan of Tesla products so it came as no surprise to me that the Tesla Extension Cable is of superior quality. It’s heavy, but that’s what you would expect from a high-power product like this.

  7. Taylor year ago

    This cable doesn’t flex as well as the cable from my Tesla Mobile Connector gen 2. The rest is fine. Note the maximum amperage.

  8. Erick J year ago

    I tried it with TWC gen 3 and my Tesla M3. There were no problems. The connections are solid. I recommend keeping it in a case to keep debris out of the connectors.

  9. Jamie S 11 months ago

    I chose between Lectron and TeslaTap extension cord. The Lectron price is probably due to the large amount of material and metals used. After holding it in my hands and feeling the weight, I realized what I was paying for.

  10. Mario 10 months ago

    With this cable, now I don’t have to interchange cars to charge them from a single charger. I love everything about it.

  11. Casey 10 months ago

    If you could charge it at the supercharger, I’d give it a 5. The rest is good enough for me in this tesla extender.

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