Parkworld 61513 Male Plug NEMA 6-50P to 6-50R Female Connectors, 6 Gauge 240V Splitter Industrial, 3 feet/0.9m Cable, 50 Amp

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Apr 20, 2024 3:15 AM
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  • Supports a maximum load of 50 Amps, translating to 12500 Watts.
  • Made with 62 STW 6AWG*3C stranded copper inner wire for durability and efficient power transmission.
  • Purchasing from guarantees you a robust manufacturer’s warranty on your chosen product.
  • Features an industrial-grade welding machine with 50 Amp/250 Voltage and a 6-50P male plug to dual 6-50R female outlets.
  • The molded electroplate copper terminal effectively combats surface oxidation.
  • Constructed entirely of copper wire for reliable conduction.
  • Comes in a handy 3-foot length and a sleek black color.
  • Unique NEMA 6-50 Y Splitter adapter cord design, suited for 6 Gauge 240V splitting.
  • Allows users to conveniently plug two NEMA 6-50 devices into a single 6-50 outlet.

The Parkworld 61513 Welder 50A Splitter is an ideal solution for power needs. With its 6 Gauge 240V Splitter, it promises efficient power distribution. Constructed with 62 STW 6AWG*3C stranded copper inner wire, it can support up to 50 Amp loading or 12500 Watts. Its unique design features a 6-50P male plug extending to two 6-50R female connectors. The electroplate copper terminal molding prevents surface oxidation, ensuring longevity. The splitter, with a length of 3 feet, is built for heavy-duty use, perfect for 6-50 outlets. Plus, its sleek black color complements any setup.

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SKU split018
4.45 lbs
12.13 × 7.8 × 4.02 in
NEMA 6-50
Cable length, ft
Enclosure Material
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Parkworld specializes in AC Power Connection Solutions, offering an extensive range of America standard power cords, including most NEMA plugs and receptacles—all of which have UL approval. Their products, like the Power Switch and Splitter Switch, cater to a wide range of applications including Recreational Vehicles, Marine ventures, Generators, Welding, and importantly, electric vehicle charging. Emphasizing quality and safety, Parkworld's offerings, from extension cords to replaceable connectors, reflect their commitment to excellence. For detailed insights, visit our page dedicated to the Dryer outlet EV charging. The company eagerly invites potential partnerships and encourages anyone with specific power connection requirements to share their drawings for customized solutions.

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