LEFANEV Level 2 Portable EV Charger NEMA 14-50 Plug, 9.6KW, 220V-240V, 40A, 25ft/7.62m

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  • If your electric car battery charges have any issue or anything does not satisfy your requirements, you are entitled to an immediate replacement within 30 days.
  • The Lefanev Level 2 portable EV charging station is made of high-strength ABS material, which can be prevents from being crushed by your vehicle, the electric vehicle charger offers 6 different safety features, allowing for stable and safe charging.
  • Typically, the acceptable charge level is 32-40 amps. It is intelligently adjusted to the optimum current, so the current fluctuates up and down depending on the present that the electric vehicle can accept. If an electric car can handle 40 amps of charging, it might actually go higher than 40 amps.
  • The LEFANEV EV Charging Level 2 (220-250V, 40A, 25ft) portable EVSE home electric vehicle charging station with NEMA 14-50 Plug Is 10 times faster than other EV chargers you’ve ever used. The most electric cars that meet SAE J1772 standard are compatible with LEFANEV EV chargers. It’s only for electric car charging; it isn’t designed for electric motorcycle charging.
  • When you’re traveling or going out of your house, you don’t have to worry about charging again because the Lefanev EV chargers may be carried with the car and you may check every charging data on a big LCD screen on the charger. To connect, all you need is a NEMA 14-50 outlet (100V-250V), and the best voltage is 220V-250V.

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SKU lef145040
10.53 lbs
19 × 16 × 3.5 in
NEMA 14-50
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
-40°F to 158°F
Enclosure Material
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LEFANEV has been providing quality and affordable charging solutions for electric vehicles. The team at LEFANEV strives to create innovative 40 Amp EV chargers that are easy to use and well made so they can help people enjoy an environmentally friendly life style.

LEFANEV was one the first to market with a Level 2 EV charger and has since evolved into one of the most trusted brands on the market. The team at LEFANEV strives to be an integral part of your EV ownership experience by making portable EV chargers not just effortless but enjoyable.

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Level 2 EV charger

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  1. Jonathan 2 years ago

    This portable block was purchased for my Ford Mustang Mach E. It took him only one day to pass, but the 40 A quickly increased, so I now get 40 MPG on time charging. This is obviously a significant improvement over the initial level. The car can request permanent 40A. It was all I needed.

  2. Miguel 2 years ago

    Surrepends my expectations. It charges as fast as my Model Y’s charger. It charges faster. It charges in 40 minutes from the charger. The charger’s LED display displays error codes which can be seen clearly. To allow the charger to get better, I waited a while before writing my review. It is great and I use it for charging three times per week.

  3. Adrian 2 years ago

    The charger was amazing. It was purchased about five days ago. Today, I drove 145 more miles than normal on Audi E-Tron. This charger is level 2 and charges twice as fast than public chargers level 2. It’s great to have a charging station at home. We are so grateful for your generosity!

  4. Steven year ago

    Concerned that the charger may have been responsible for the failure of my Chevy Bolt, I am worried. I will continue to use the new device, which will come with the floor of the year warranty. This review will be updated if I don’t update it. It will indicate that the charger is working well.

  5. Kit year ago

    These cords are twice the thickness of mine for charging Nissan Leaf. They are well made. They give me excellent readings. I can see how many kW/h was used each morning. It is a great product and I would buy it again. Thank you.

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