CircleCord 4 Prong 50 Feet/14m, 30 Amp NEMA 14-30P to 14-30R, for Level 2 EV Charging, 125V/250V STW 10 Gauge, 4×10 AWG, Dryer/EV Extension Cable

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  • It comes equipped with an adaptable cord organizer as well as a gorgeous storage bags that make the process of carrying and storage easy after use.
  • The cable measures 5/8 inches in diameter and 10 gauge inside.
  • 30A, 125/250V, maximum power 7500 watts, 50 feet STW NEMA 14-30P male plug as well as NEMA 14-30R female female receptacle for dryer outlet with 4 prongs.
  • Suitcase for Level 2 Suit for Level 2 EV Charging
  • Perfect to connect this generator into an electric car charger, or to other devices that you prefer.
  • A limited warranty on specific parts of the equipment is available for both orders placed through as well as on the website of the manufacturer.
  • Both ends of the cord are made of a molded plug, and are equipped with a grip space that allows you for safe and easy connect and unplug the connector.
  • Blue makes it easier to distinguish from your cords
  • NEMA 14-30 plug, 30 Amp extension cord can be used for charging EVs at Level 2 like Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y, and 30 Amp four prong dryer.
  • High-quality standards. Pure copper wire is coated with a strong duty flame retardant, heat-resistant PVC that has UV resistance offers protection against snow, wind, rain soil and rocks, UL listed.
  • If you notice that the organizer for your cord does not complete the entire length of the cord, consider making a larger cord circle.

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SKU ext143006
120, 240
NEMA 14-30
Cable length, ft
Enclosure Material
100% Copper, PVC
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CircleCord concentrates on the development of products that offer an unbeatable and secure connection between your devices. These include RV Power Extension Cords, RV Power adapters Generator extension cords, Dryer power adapters, Welder extension cables, and many more. Additionally, CircleCord provides thousands of RV accessories and are opening each day.

This extension cable is suitable for connecting the gas generator to electric car charger or other devices.

The website of the manufacturer states that these tested best extension cord for charging electric car come with warranties and are approved.

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Extension cord for EVs

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