BougeRV Generator Power Cable for Manual Transfer Switch 4×10 AWG (125/250 Volt 7.5 kW, 40ft/12m Cord, 30 Amp) Nema L14-30 10 Gauge, Heavy Duty Electric Extension Wire 4 Prong, SJTW Cord for Champion

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  • Ideal for connecting a gas generator to an electric car charger (via adapter) or other devices of your choice.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors for all conditions and seasons, and is water resistant is much more secure for extreme and emergency use. In the event of a transformer explosion or massive power outage BougeRV will provide you with high-quality. If Hurricane, Tornado, Snowstorm Earthquake Flood, Wildfire and other natural disasters result in power loss the Generator Power Cord will come handy to power everything Up and over.
  • A second warranty of no cost is also available for repair work related to chargers for up five years. They can be purchased through
  • With the lock’s structure that ensures that the plug won’t be removed because of external resistance, like a hurricane heavy rain or snow. If P&G POWER cuts the power to California resistors, using this cord, you’ll not have to worry about power interruption once more.
  • Safe extends your power to 40 feet, shielding you and others from harmful generator exhaust.
  • NEMA 14-30
  • 40FT
  • This product comes with an ETL certification. BougeRV offers a warranty of 18 months and lifetime service that will ensure your enjoyment for the long haul.
  • 30 amp generator cord
  • 10 Gauge 4 Wire Nema L14-30P, and Nema L14-30R are made to connect directly to the electrical system. It can supply 125/250 volts and the maximum power of 7500 watts.

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SKU ext143001
11.8 lbs
14.2 × 12.6 × 2.8 in
120, 240
NEMA 14-30
Cable length, ft
Enclosure Material
Copper, PVC
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BougeRV makes products for your RV, generator camping, and camper. They're dedicated to providing power to your indoor and your outdoor lifestyle too. The manufacturer, along with retailers, may hold sales on power cord with great deals.

The extension cable is typically utilized for generator to charge electric car or other gadgets.

BougeRV is a company that is focused on its customers that is committed to providing top-quality items and solutions to clients. Contact the company at any time if you are having issues. They will be happy to assist you.

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Extension cord for EVs

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