PRIMECOM.TECH Level 2 Portable EV Charger NEMA 14-50 Plug 7.7kw (240 Volt, 30ft/9m Cord, 12/16/20/24/32 Amp) Amperage Adjustable

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  • The LED charge status indicators on the control box are a nice touch.
  • The data screen on the PRIMECOM charger displays important information such as real-time charging Amperage, actual charging Voltage, overall kilowatt consumption, current temperature, and other informative data values in real time.
  • Smart chargers from Primecom are waterproof and safe to use outside.
  • All Primecom Level 2 Chargers have gone through a multi-point battery of tests to guarantee quality and safety precautions.
  • All brand electric vehicles will work with this charger. Primecom has pure copper cable on chargers, so they can go up to 100 feet without seeing a significant voltage drop. Others may use aluminum mix cable, which cannot exceed 18-20 feet due to voltage loss and produces extra heat as a result.
  • Your EV’s battery is recharged to the exact amount you requested by an intelligent chip that adjusts your charging speed in real time.
  • Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! When purchasing from, there is a manufacturer’s warranty that comes with every purchase.

Additional information

SKU prmc145032
Weight 15.14 lbs
Dimensions 16.02 × 15.91 × 5.87 in
Manufacturer Primecom.Tech
Level 2
Voltage 240
Socket NEMA 14-50
Phase n/a
Amperage 12, 16, 24, 32
Plug J1772
Cable length, ft 30
Waterproof Yes
Working temperature n/a
Outdoor Yes
Travel/Portable Yes
Hardwired No
Weight 15.14
Certificate TÜV German Equipment & Product Safety Certification, CE️ certifications
Warranty n/a
Wi-Fi No
Manufacturer info

PRIMECOM products are rightfully considered a favorite among the owners of electric cars. When buying Primecom EV chargers you have the opportunity not only to buy cheap, but also to ask for free advice from customer service. For example, if you need help choosing the right product or setting it up, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you and answer any questions that may arise. It's never been easier to become an electric car driver!

PRIMECOM is committed to designing innovative EV chargers (with OCPP standards) while maintaining high standards of safety and reliability for all its customers around the globe. They are making the world of electric vehicles easier by providing quality products at affordable prices.

It has been rumored that the manufacturer is preparing to launch Tesla to ChargePoint charging adapters. There's only one way this could happen and it looks like they're finally getting around to releasing them.

Additional information

5 reviews for the PRIMECOM.TECH Level 2 Portable EV Charger NEMA 14-50 P...

  1. Randy

    This cable is extremely durable. This cable is much more durable than most cables of similar price. It’s an excellent choice. It seems to be durable. The plug-in hybrid I have can be charged at 32 amps. 32 amps is more than enough.

  2. Danny J

    It is compatible with my Ford Mustang Mach-E. Simply connect it to the 240 outlets, and set the charging time via the Ford Mustang Mach-E app. The charger will charge while you sleep. It’s nice to have a longer cable and 24 amps.

  3. Ricardo

    It works perfectly with myHyundai Kona. This charger works better than my standard car charger. Recommend!

  4. Joe

    It is a great charging cable for the Nissan Leaf. This cable charges the car much faster than the original. You get more use from one charge. The cord length is perfect.

  5. Joey

    Primecom was the only place I could find EVSE that was long enough to reach my garage. It works great and I’m very happy with it.

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