Tesla, the leading name in electric vehicles, is once again making headlines. The company has resumed the deployment of its innovative Magic Dock adapters at Supercharger stations across the United States. This development is particularly noteworthy in Texas, where the Magic Dock has already been spotted at one station.

The Magic Dock: A Game-Changer for EV Charging

Earlier this year, Tesla introduced the Magic Dock at a select number of Supercharger stations. This device serves a dual purpose: it’s a new receiver for the Tesla charge connector at the Supercharger station and can be detached to function as a NACS to CCS adapter.

The Magic Dock is a significant step forward in making EV charging more accessible and convenient for all EV owners, not just those who own a Tesla.

The Journey of the Magic Dock

In February, Tesla officially unveiled new Supercharger stations equipped with the Magic Dock. The goal was to welcome non-Tesla EV owners into the Supercharger network. The adapter was installed at roughly a dozen stations in New York and California. However, for months, there was no sign of the device appearing at any new stations.

  1. The Pause: It was speculated that Tesla might have paused the adapter’s deployment due to its agreements with automakers to adopt NACS, which started coming into effect in May.
  2. The Resumption: Recently, Tesla has been spotted installing the Magic Dock at a station in Texas.

The Future of Magic Dock

The Magic Dock made its Texas debut at the Supercharger station in Eastchase Fort Worth, near Arlington. To test the device, Tesla brought in a Ford F-150 Lightning. While the station is not yet officially listed as “open to non-Tesla electric vehicles” on its website, this development is a promising indication that Tesla will continue to open its stations to other EVs.

Keep an eye out for more Magic Dock Superchargers in the future.


Tesla’s move to resume the deployment of Magic Dock adapters is a significant step forward in the EV industry. It not only enhances the charging experience for Tesla owners but also opens up opportunities for non-Tesla EV owners. As we continue to monitor the progress of this initiative, it’s clear that Tesla is committed to driving the future of electric vehicle charging.

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  4. Tesla’s Magic Dock technology allows non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge at Supercharger stations4.
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