Tesla Empowers Volex: A New Era in EV Charging

In a groundbreaking move, Tesla has passed the torch to Volex, a UK-based power equipment titan, granting them the coveted license to craft the revolutionary NACS connector.

“After a slow start in declaring its connector as North America’s new charging norm, Tesla’s pace picked up as giants like Ford, GM, and Rivian, among others, jumped on the bandwagon.”

The NACS Connector: What’s the Buzz?

  • A Universal Standard: Tesla’s vision of making the NACS connector a universal charging standard in North America is now gaining traction. With industry stalwarts like Ford, GM, and Rivian already on board, the future looks electrifying!
  • Distancing from the Past: Tesla is keen on creating a distinct identity for the NACS connector, ensuring it stands out as an independent charging marvel.
  • The Role of SAE: Tesla has strategically partnered with SAE to standardize the connector, ensuring uniformity and compatibility across the board.

Volex: The Chosen One

In a recent press release, Volex ecstatically announced:

“Volex plc, a maestro in crafting vital power and data transmission gear, joyfully declared its partnership with Tesla for the North American Charging Standard (NACS) EV Charging blueprint.”

This partnership signifies:

  1. Immediate Supply: Volex is all set to dispatch the NACS connectors to car manufacturers, marking a significant milestone in the EV charging domain.
  2. Future Collaborations: With Tesla hinting at rolling out adapters by next year and non-Tesla EV integrations set for a 2025 debut, the collaboration promises a plethora of innovations.

What Lies Ahead?

With the official standardization through NACS and Tesla’s strategic moves, the EV charging landscape is poised for a transformation. As more automakers embrace the NACS standard, the future of EV charging in North America looks promising.

References and Facts

Here are some related news and facts about Tesla issuing a license to Volex to build NACS connector:

  • UK-based power equipment manufacturer Volex has been selected to manufacture the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors for Tesla1.
  • Tesla has issued a license to produce its NACS connector to Volex, a large UK-based power equipment manufacturer23456.
  • Tesla is looking to establish its connector as a new standard in the US1.
  • Volex is the first company to receive a license from Tesla to produce the NACS connector4.
  • The NACS connector is expected to be used for Tesla’s electric vehicles in North America25.
  • The licensing of Volex to manufacture NACS connectors is part of Tesla’s efforts to expand its charging infrastructure6.