Ford Pro’s Electric Revolution: Series 2 AC Charging Station

Ford Pro has once again set the bar high with the unveiling of their Series 2 AC Charging Station 80 amp. This isn’t just another charger; it’s a testament to Ford Pro’s commitment to spearheading the electric transition for businesses.

“Our mission? Making the electric switch a breeze for businesses. We’re all in on crafting top-notch commercial charging solutions.” – Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO

Benefits for Businesses: Why Go Electric?

  • Simplified Charging: With a revamped detachable cable and connector, businesses can expect reduced charging times and fewer cable mishaps.
  • Connectivity: Whether it’s preset cellular options or optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet, the Series 2 has got you covered.
  • Security: Enhanced RFID features mean businesses can set specific charging schedules, ensuring security and efficiency.
  • Intelligent Software: Ford Pro’s smart charging software optimizes charging strategies, ensuring vehicles are charged efficiently and effectively.

Incentives: Making the Electric Transition Even Sweeter

Businesses, take note! Transitioning to electric doesn’t just benefit the environment; it’s also kind to your wallet. With incentives ranging from a 30% federal tax credit for charging setups to a $7,500 discount on certain EV purchases, there’s never been a better time to go electric.

Ford Pro’s Expanding Electric Vehicle Lineup

Ford Pro isn’t stopping at chargers. Their electric vehicle lineup is expanding, with the introduction of the all-electric E-Tourneo Courier and E-Transit Courier in Europe. This expansion signifies Ford Pro’s dedication to providing a comprehensive electric solution for businesses globally.

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Ford Bids Farewell to Gas Models for a Greener Tomorrow

Ford is making bold moves by retiring three of its gas-powered models to pave the way for new electric vehicles. This strategic shift showcases Ford’s commitment to a greener future and the development of its next-generation EV platform. The American automaker is not only focusing on EV production but also on the development of its second-generation models. With the introduction of a new full-size electric pickup and a three-row SUV, Ford is set to revolutionize the EV market.

Ford Pro’s Commercial EV Charging Vision

Ford Pro is not just about vehicles; it’s about providing a comprehensive solution for commercial EV charging. With the introduction of the Series 2 AC charger and its robust 80-amp, 19.2 kW output, Ford Pro is setting new standards in the EV charging industry. This plug-and-charge unit, with ISO-15118 compatibility, is a testament to Ford Pro’s vision for the future of commercial EV charging.

Ford Pro’s Commercial Vehicle Chargers: A Glimpse into the Future

The auto industry is gearing up for a massive shift towards electric vehicles, and Ford Pro is at the forefront with its line of commercial vehicle chargers. These chargers, designed to work seamlessly with Ford Pro’s telematics and charging software, are set to revolutionize the way businesses think about EV charging. From sleek designs to detailed data for utility reimbursement reporting, Ford Pro is paving the way for the future of commercial EV charging.

Graham & Co. and Ford Pro’s Elite Facility

In a recent development, Graham & Co. has broken ground on a new Ford Pro Elite Commercial Service Center for Stivers Ford of Birmingham. This new facility is a testament to Ford Pro’s commitment to providing top-notch services and solutions for businesses transitioning to electric.

References and Facts

Here are some related news and facts about Ford Pro’s new EV charger:

  • Ford Pro released its second-generation EV charger, the Series 2 AC Charging Station 80 amp, on August 29, 2023135.
  • The new EV charger is designed to simplify and improve the experience, making it easier than ever for fleets to go electric1.
  • The Series 2 AC Charging Station features an improved detachable cable and connector to reduce charging time and repairs due to damaged or disconnected cables, as well as a wide range of connective options with pre-configured cellular and optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet1.
  • The team at Ford Pro learned from its first-generation chargers, taking into account feedback from business and fleet owners to develop the Series 2 EV charger1.
  • Ford Pro is also revealing extended DC fast charger options in 180kW and 240kW, giving fleet operators and their drivers more versatility at their workplace with more power and shortened charge times2.
  • Ford Pro adds to its charging solutions roster, revealing new Series 2 AC Charging Station 80 amp and expands DC Fast Charger options3.
  • Ford Pro has introduced new EV charging solutions while Stellantis is working to get its dealers ready for electric cars4.
  • Ford Pro now offers four chargers for commercial customers that it says will lower ownership costs and make it easier to charge more6.