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How the range calculator for the Porsche Taycan helps drivers on the road

If you want to know how long your electric car will travel after charging for a certain amount of time, you may find this calculator helpful. Below you will find information on what your range depends on and how to increase it. How does mileage depend on the remaining battery charge? You can use the Porsche Taycan range calculator or roughly calculate using the formula: charge percentage multiplied by maximum range.

How do I increase the range?

Don't use the climate control and drive at the minimum speed from the optimal range.

How does the environment affect range?

Temperatures below 20°C can reduce range by a factor of 1.5 to 3.

What does the range of the Porsche Taycan depend on?

The following factors are taken into account:

  • driving habits;
  • temperature "overboard";
  • the average driving speed.

The optimal speed for an electric car is between 30 and 80 mph. The battery lasts the longest at temperatures of -4 °F to +104 °F.

Features of the electric vehicle model

The driver has the ability to simulate a trip on this calculator, with even subtleties such as driving style or duration of air conditioning being taken into account.

However, it is worth remembering that electric cars are significantly inferior to cars with internal combustion engines in terms of predictability of range.

Maximum range

Modern electric cars from leading manufacturers can travel up to 250 miles with a full battery charge. This is made possible by the introduction of batteries with a capacity higher than 100 kWh.

You can find up-to-date information on the maximum range of the Porsche Taycan in the calculator.

Porsche Taycan charging speed

Depending on the type of charging port, its charging speed may vary. This can be important if you're charging the battery outside of your garage. That way, a different range will build up in one hour. However, some adapters, such as the J1772, allow you to plug into a different type of socket. Choosing the right porsche taycan home charger will help the guide on our website.

At public charging stations, which are used by several people, it is worth observing etiquette. Learn how to use EV network and stay polite in this article from the expert.

Is it possible to drive farther than the manufacturer stated?

If you drive slowly, it is quite possible to drive 80% farther than the manufacturer said. However such trip can hardly be considered as pleasant.

Speaking about the factory decisions for increasing range, the following actions are possible: increasing efficiency of the electric motor and raising the capacity of the battery.

Generally speaking, the range is determined, in addition to the technical characteristics of the car, by two factors. The first is the driving style and the second is the environmental conditions around it. The Porsche Taycan on-board computer analyzes your driving statistics and gives you range predictions with an eye on these factors.

To increase the range a bit, you can remove unnecessary parts - for example, by removing the trunk from the roof. At the same time, this will also reduce drag.

The Porsche Taycan range calculator is very handy for calculating the distance the electric car will travel. You can use other calculators to determine other parameters, such as the time or cost to charge your Porsche Taycan.