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Chevy Bolt range calculator: how to effortlessly calculate an electric vehicle's range?

What does the Chevrolet Bolt's range depend on?

The manufacturer indicates the maximum range that the Chevy Bolt can travel on a single charge at 259 miles. However, this value is rather relative, since it can vary upward as well as downward. The Chevy Bolt range calculator will help calculate the distance the electric car will travel on a full charge.

The driver should pay attention to the following important factors, because they primarily determine the rate of battery discharge:

  • average driving speed;
  • ambient temperature;
  • driving style.

It has been calculated that the optimal driving speed is 30-80 miles per hour. Driving slower makes no sense, but driving fast will significantly reduce your range. When it comes to temperature, the battery will function properly at a range of -4 °F to +104 °F.

A smart choice of driving style

It is not always necessary to drive at the optimum speed, because if the trip is short, it is also possible to go for a breeze. The driver can combine different driving styles in order to optimally calculate the range and the rate of battery discharge.

Do not forget that the battery life is also consumed by the multimedia system, the cabin heater, air conditioning and other additional electronics. These systems may significantly reduce the range of the future trip. In order not to stop in the middle of a deserted highway, it is better to think through your journey in advance and calculate the range with a special calculator.

How to increase the range of the electric car Chevy Bolt?

If you listen to a number of useful tips, the electric car will travel a little more. In particular, it is worth following the following recommendations:

  • Unload everything unnecessary from the car, which will reduce the weight;
  • If you use a roof rack, temporarily remove it;
  • stick to the optimum speed;
  • Use less air conditioning, heating and other interior electronics.

The following tip won't increase range, but it will significantly reduce travel time. Use a fast charging station for your electric car, because just 1 hour of charging will provide many more miles of range than a typical slow charging station. You can learn more about charging stations for the Chevy Bolt on the website. You can carry special adapters that allow you to connect to any network of charging stations. Until wireless charging stations become widespread, you can't do without cables.


Now we have to draw some conclusions from all of the above. First of all, always use a chevy bolt range calculator, because it will allow you to accurately calculate the number of miles traveled. Secondly, adhere to the recommendations, which will significantly increase the range on a single battery charge electric car. Thirdly, carry with you an adapter for connection to the fast charging stations. These tips will allow the driver to truly enjoy their own electric car.